Most people will have read the recent reports of how Microsoft chairperson Bill Gates has had his personal net worth soar over US$40 billion. He certainly knows how to make money. Consider that he made this money in the 22 years or so since Microsoft
By Nick Everett Negotiations are under way over an agreement to cover staff employed in the federal government's new Commonwealth services delivery agency (CSDA), Centrelink. Centrelink, to be launched in September, will replace the Department
BogartBy A.M. Sperber and Eric LaxWeidenfeld & Nicolson, 1997. 676 pp., $39.95 (hb) Review by Phil Shannon Humphrey Bogart's movie portrayal of the tough guy with the soft centre, the cynic who is capable of idealism, has made him one of the
Greenpeace condemns incinerator plans for Lebanon By Barry Healy Greenpeace's Mediterranean office has condemned plans to build a waste incinerator in southern Lebanon. Lebanese officials have confirmed a that an unidentified German company
'Fight Racism!' conference By Jo Brown SYDNEY — The "Fight Racism!" conference in Sydney on September 27-28 will be an opportunity for young people and anti-racism activists to discuss the history of racism, the nature of racism today and
20 hurt in Brazil land clash @9point intro = Twenty members of Brazil's homeless movement were wounded by bullets on August 8 when 530 shock troops of Brasilia's militarised police moved to evict more than 16,000 squatters living in tents in an
Liverpool dockers Congratulations on the excellent article by James Vassilopoulos on the Liverpool dockers' strike. Last month, Mairi and I were in Britain and we attended a most inspiring meeting in Liverpool of about 50 women of all ages
ATO staff to meet Community and Public Sector Union members employed by the Australian Taxation Office will hold stop-work meetings August 20-22 to consider industrial action against management's plans for compulsory redundancies. Fifty workers
Rising breast cancer rates in Hawaii may be partially attributable to intensive pesticide use, according to a recent study in Environmental Health Perspectives. Breast cancer rates have increased for all racial groups in Hawaii since 1970, but only
Strong support for native title By Margaret Perrott WOLLONGONG — A 50-strong meeting of the Illawarra Residents for Native Title decided on August 13 to organise local actions in support of the national day of action on native title on
By Dave Riley For a guy who lived by the slogan —"nothing is true, everything is permitted" — William S. Burroughs managed a long innings. The icon of hipster cynicism died on August 3 at the age of 83. With his death passed the last of the
By Helen Jarvis SYDNEY — In a major public address at the University of New South Wales on August 14, Nobel Peace Prize co-laureate Jose Ramos Horta spoke out strongly on a number of critical issues of human rights in Australia and