By Al McCall Rather than wring his hands and lament that political satire seemed to be in its dog days, Dave Riley decided to do something about it. "Good satire", he told Green Left Weekly, "is rare. It rages for a time, then rests. It's time
On July 26, revolutionaries around the world will celebrate the 44th anniversary of the storming of the Moncada Barracks in Cuba by young revolutionaries led by Fidel Castro.To mark the event, the following is abridged from a talk on Che Guevara
Cancer fear in the Illawarra By Dave Holmes WOLLONGONG — The recent release of a long-awaited government report on leukaemia clusters in the Illawarra will do little to allay community concerns. The report, by a special committee set up
Comments of some NOWSA participants Kylie Moon, 19, member of Resistance, studying at the University of Tasmania, third NOWSA: "The focus has been more on women taking action than compared to previous years. There has been a shift in the
Cod liver oil polluted By Barry Healy Friends of the Earth UK has demanded that the British government release details of which brands of cod liver oil are most contaminated by cancer-causing and hormone-disrupting PCBs and dioxins. This
By Angela Luvera BRISBANE — The 1997 Network of Women Students Australia conference, held at the Queensland University of Technology July 7-12, was attended by around 600 women. Plenary panels included Feminisms; Women in Struggle; Women, Work
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Just in case anyone thought democracy and the rule of law were coming to Yeltsin's Russia, the country's security police in mid-June brought additional charges against nuclear safety campaigner Aleksandr Nikitin.
By Allen Myers In March, much of the world was shocked by the suicides of a group of 39 people in California. The members of a small religious cult, they believed, not that they were ending their lives, but that they were being transported to a
Editorial: A 'cure' that must be resisted A 'cure' that must be resisted @box text intro = John Howard has sharply escalated his blame-the-victim campaign — a predictable response to recent poll results showing that the Coalition is
By Alex Bainbridge and Reihana Mohideen The Industrial Relations Commission on July 17 instructed Public Transport Union (PTU) train drivers to cross the striking mineworkers' picket line in the Hunter Valley. However, the IRC ruling also stated
Rally against One Nation in Werribee By Paul Miller MELBOURNE — Around 700 protesters organised by Campaign Against Racism rallied outside the Werribee West Family Centre on July 14 to protest against Pauline Hanson's One Nation party
Queensland TAFE cuts hit By Daniel Lambert BRISBANE — The Borbidge government's $113 million TAFE funding cuts, brought down in the last state budget, are beginning to show their effects as angry students mobilise to fight these attacks
By Allen Myers "DISGRACEFUL" shrieked the one-word headline, 4½ centimetres high, on the front of the July 8 Melbourne Herald Sun. Three days later, the Australian was still featuring the bashing of Keith Warburton, with photographs, on its
CPSU members vote Meetings were held around the country last week to vote on the way forward for the campaign by the Community and Public Sector Union to protect jobs and conditions. Paul Oboohov reports from Canberra that on July 17 members
Private schools given a boost By Marina Cameron Federal legislation passed in December abolished the new schools policy, which restricted the number of new federally funded non-government schools and the size of their federal grants, and
Disappointment "I regret to report that there was no violence." — A TV reporter overheard by ambulance crew reporting in following the protest at One Nation's Werribee launch. When we don't need it "I have already indicated that we


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