By Chris Latham PERTH The first public meeting of the anti-racist national Justice Tour by Yaluritja (Clarrie Isaacs) and Reihana Mohideen was held here on May 22. The meeting was attended by more than 60 people, who reacted warmly to the
Poem: The Fool When I was youngI had a young man's dreams.And they were good dreams,dreams to warm the heartand guide the brain.Now I am no longer youngthose dreams still seem so fine to me.They do not dim,they deepen.They make more sense,take
By Kath Gelber The Howard government has moved to increase censorship, in the name of "protecting" women, children and families from the horrors of family breakdown, suicide, youth homelessness and unemployment. Sections of the media and "morals
Action Against Racism PERTH — After giving Pauline Hanson "the worst 24 hours" of her life, the Action Against Racism coalition has organised a speak-out against racism. Spokesperson Ana Kailis commented that PM John Howard had clearly
Release Mordechai Vanunu! By Linda Kaucher The Australian Campaign to Free Vanunu, part of an international campaign for the freedom of Israeli anti-nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu, has proposed an international monthly faxing
Correction Due to an editing error, the article titled "Internet industry jitters over government bill" printed in GLW #271 mistakenly reported that legislation passed in the senate in late March exempts businesses from time-charged local data
Motorway protest in Sydney By Gus Gulson SYDNEY — On May 18 about 60 people from Freeway Busters and the Coalition of Transport Action Groups staged a demonstration at the community open day of the M2 motorway. The open day was held to
Fire blight scare spreads By Jon Lamb ADELAIDE — The SA government announced on May 22 that it would quarantine the Adelaide Botanic Gardens after it was confirmed that specimens taken from trees were infected with the fire blight
By Mat Hines HOBART — In April the government's regional forest agreement (RFA) options paper was released. The agreement is to be signed on June 30, handing control of Tasmania's forests to the state government for the next 20 years. The 1992
Pro-diversity festival in Manly By Becky Ellis SYDNEY — A 2000-strong Pro-Diversity Cultural Festival, organised by Residents Defending Diversity, was held at the Manly Amphitheatre on May 18. The festival was a response to the setting up
The Shell oil corporation has blood on its hands, and a worldwide boycott of Shell products is under way. Two recent reports on the Shell subsidiary in Nigeria have documented massive environmental destruction in the Niger River delta region, where
Iraq regime executes political prisoners According to the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI), the ruling Ba'ath regime of Iraq has started mass executions of political prisoners. More than 260 political prisoners — most of them in Abu
Transport unions unite By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Transport unions in Queensland have formed an alliance to launch an industrial campaign to fight anticipated tougher workplace laws in the state. Transport Workers Union state secretary
Aborigines occupy Lee Point By Bill Day DARWIN — On May 12, homeless Aboriginal people here reoccupied Lee Point, a camp site in Darwin's northern suburbs. The group erected a large sign saying: "We need shelter, water, not games —
Empty ShellsBy Ramez TabitDirected by Patricia CorneliusStarring Nicholas Cassim, Nadia Coreno, Carmelina Di Guglielmo, Senol Mat, Ramez TabitForward Theatre at the Universal Theatre, Melbourne, until June 7 Review by Bronwen Beechey
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