No fees campaign grows at Melbourne University By Ray Fulcher and Marce Cameron MELBOURNE— Following the successful student day of action on May 8 and the militant occupation of Melbourne University administration, students there have
Rally slams federal budget By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Several hundred unionists, students and others rallied in King George Square here on May 13 to protest against the Howard-Costello budget. The protesters then marched through city
WA forest camp set up By John Seed GIBLETT FOREST — Environmentalists have set up a protest/witness camp here in an effort to halt logging. Giblett state forest near Pemberton forms the heart of one of the most beautiful old-growth forest
By Norm Dixon The PNG government is continuing its attacks on the country's activist and non-government organisations in retaliation for their role in the defeat of the Chan government's plan to deploy apartheid-linked mercenaries on
By Geoff Payne NEWCASTLE — Thousands of BHP steelworkers around the country went on strike for the second time on May 15, to answer the Newcastle plant's manager, Bob Kirkby's, challenge that one 24-hour strike would not change BHP's mind.
BRITISH COLUMBIA — The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has nominated Shell Oil to receive the minister's environmental award for 1997. Shell was one of four oil companies that WWF nominated because the companies gave up their marine exploration rights in
By Al McCall Given a chance, it's a patient on ER I'd be. The opportunity to be wheeled from out of the Chicago cold into the healing hands of Drs Greene, Ross, Benton or Carter is my idea of a good day out. With Nurse Hathaway in charge, I'd
Hong Kong I find Marc Finnane's letter in GLW #273 odd. The orderly return to China of the Hong Kong territory, at the expiry of Britain's 99-year lease, is not remotely comparable with the chaotic and ignominious evacuation of the US forces
Turkish troops raid Kurdistan The Turkish foreign ministry admitted that Turkish troops, backed by tanks and artillery, crossed the border into northern Iraq — supposedly a US-backed "safe haven" for Kurds — on May 14. According to Turkish
Victorious rebels condemn western interference By Norm Dixon On May 17, less than 24 hours after Zaire dictator Mobutu Sese Seko fled the capital leaving his newly appointed parliamentary speaker in charge, the young fighters of the
Demonstrators clash with police By Robbie Hartono JAKARTA — On May 14, there were confrontations with the military and police in several main streets and neighbourhoods, including in Dewi Sartika, Otista, Matraman, Kemayoran and
On November 28, 1996, young East Timorese in Australia set up the first organisation specifically to involve young Timorese in the struggle to free East Timor. Called the National Resistance of East Timorese Youth (RNJT), the group aims to fight for