Overseas Chinese 'defend' islands By Eva Cheng A handful of right-wingers led by Japanese legislator Shingo Nishimura made a provocative landing on May 6 on an islet of Diaoyu Islands (or what the Japanese called Senkaku Islands), the
By Peter Montague The corporate decision in 1923 to add toxic lead to gasoline changed the chemistry of Earth, particularly the northern hemisphere. According to the US National Research Council (NRC), in 1983 industrial emissions of lead into
By Norm Dixon Police on May 5 and 6 raided the offices and homes of activists and organisations involved in the Port Moresby demonstrations in March against the Chan government's deployment of mercenaries on Bougainville. Three leading activists
Students occupy NMIT @box text intro = MELBOURNE — On May 9, inspired by the occupation of the Melbourne University administration building, members of the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE student union occupied their offices in defiance
The CastleCity and suburban cinemas Review by Brendan Doyle A bloke's home is his castle, right? Wrong. That's the big illusion of tow truck driver Darryl Kerrigan, who built his own emoh ruo next to the airport because land was cheap. When
By Alex Bainbridge and Jane Beckmann NEWCASTLE — Newcastle City Council and the steelworks unions organised a public meeting of 150 people in the Town Hall on May 8 to build community support for the campaign to save the BHP steelworks. Geoff
By Asger Strodl Unocal, a US oil company, in partnership with Delta Oil of Saudi Arabia, has signed a contract with the Taliban rulers of most of Afghanistan to construct a gas and oil pipeline. It will go from Turkmenistan, through western
REIHANA MOHIDEEN, the convener of Asian Australians Against Further Intimidation and a member of the national executive of the Democratic Socialist Party, will soon begin a national speaking tour to campaign against the racist offensive spearheaded
Conflict over Iron Gates development By Brett Jones The Iron Gates housing development, under construction near Evans Head, in northern NSW, is a cause of conflict between developer Iron Gates Pty Ltd and the local Bundjalung people. The
With more than a tinge of cynicism, John Howard recently announced that under the Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement, funding for public housing will be slashed by only $50 million in 1997-98, not $200 million as recommended by the Treasury.


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