Save Our SonsSBS TV, February 27, 8.30pm (8 in SA) Preview by Lisa Macdonald
This film, written and directed by Rebecca McLean, daughter of former Victorian ALP parliamentarian Jean McLean, is a long overdue documentation of a little known chapter

Resistance sets down plans
By Lana Halpin
BRISBANE — Robby Hartono, from the People's Democratic Party of Indonesia, spoke at a Resistance branch meeting on February 8, discussing the different conditions that Australian and Indonesian

Young people protest work for dole
Ruth Ratcliffe reports from Brisbane that a speak-out against the Howard government's "work for the dole" scheme was held on February 14 in the City Mall, sponsored by the socialist youth organisation Resistance.

By Carla Gorton
The defeat of the federal government's Hindmarsh Island bridge bill in the Senate on February 10 has, for the moment, prevented it from overriding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act. The Kumarangk

By Doug Lorimer
It is widely asserted that a truly global economy has emerged or is emerging in which distinct national economies and state policies corresponding to them are irrelevant. The world economy is now dominated by corporations that

The Bhopal case seems to portend a bleak future for poor communities. In a "free trade" world order, multinational corporations can do whatever feels good for them, and after they've had their way with a community, they wash their hands and move

By Ryan Batchelor
MELBOURNE — The Victorian minister for education, Phil Gude, has announced a review of the Victorian Certificate of Education. The VCE was introduced in 1989 to replace the old exam-oriented Higher School Certificate. To

Left On-line

The Pacific on the web — With the possible demise of Radio Australia on the horizon perhaps you better store some of these sites in your bookmarks file so you can keep up with what's happening in the region. Pactok home page at

GuwanyiRedfern Aboriginal Community ExhibitionMuseum of SydneyUntil May 4 Review by Kellee Nolan
Guwanyi is Aboriginal for "to tell". The exhibition tells the positive side of the Redfern story and reaches into the daily lives, expressions and

By Ben Courtice
HOBART — The Tasmanian branch of the Australian Education Union, having spent more than a year campaigning for a wage rise, has restarted negotiations under the new federal industrial relations legislation for a 22.26% rise.


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