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Pick of Adelaide's music crop FruitFruitproduced by Tony Nesci and FruitReviewed by Melanie Sjoberg The 1995 Victor Harbour Folk Festival was dominated by the exciting sound of a new band called Fruit. The marquee was packed and encores demanded.
To counter government and big business lies over the ramifications of the Wik judgment — all faithfully reported by the mainstream media — Green Left Weekly has summarised the view of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission,
Comment by Pat Brewer Recent announcements of deregistration by the federal Electoral Commission of several different green parties have been greeted as "a big victory" by the Australian Greens. The active role of the Australian Greens in this
Solidarity Solidarity with South Korean workers in their struggle is important. Here are some possible actions: 1. Pass the following motion at your workplace or through your union: "This workplace/union opposes the introduction of the South
By Liam Mitchell On the Evans River at Evans Head in NSW, there used to be an extraordinary geological formation which was a sacred site. It acted as a bridge and was part of a songline or "natural corridor". Currently Graham Ingles of the Ingles
A shorter working week Since its election, the Howard government has repeatedly claimed job creation as its first priority (just in case anyone got confused by cuts to labour market programs, mass lay-offs in the public service and its "cross your
By Pip Hinman and Lisa Macdonald The misinformation and hysteria surrounding December's High Court judgment on Wik has reached epic proportions. Federal and state governments and their supporters in the mining and pastoral industries have
By Marina Cameron On January 15, the federal government announced the composition and terms of reference of a new review of higher education. The review will cost $2 million and is expected to provide a blueprint for the 1998 federal budget and the
The Quest Old questions, faced down the ages, by each generation and each man and woman in their own way and in their own time. Questions, simple yet profound. Do we accept: Each against all? Survival of the fittest? Go for the
Student union worker victimised By Maurice Sibelle MELBOURNE — On January 17, a Victoria University of Technology student union employee was sacked. The university administration has refused to renew Bill Deller's contract despite the fact that
Picketer wins court case MELBOURNE — A January 13 rally outside the Geelong Magistrates Court supported Wendy Bainger, who was arrested on the picket line at E.P. Robinson's wool scouring plant in Geelong. Bainger was charged with wilful damage,
By Adam Hanieh PLO President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu signed a deal on January 15 that agreed on the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the West Bank town of Hebron. The original sticking point around withdrawal
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Criminal Justice Commission, under serious attack from the Queensland Coalition government on several fronts, has struck back with the establishment of a public inquiry into allegations of police involvement in
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In the first referendum of its kind in Russia, residents of an economically hard-hit rural area voted overwhelmingly during December to halt the building of a nuclear power plant. The victory for anti-nuclear
We received the following e-mail message from a South Korean worker on January 13: "Many of my friends fight the labour law. One man is dead. We need your help. Today socialism is illegal in South Korea. We need international friends. Help!". The


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