By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — 1996 is the 30th anniversary of the Victorian College of the Arts' School of Film and Television (formerly Swinburne film school). Many of Australia's best known film-makers received their training at VCA/Swinburne,
By Max Lane The strength of East Timorese support for Bishop Belo against his Indonesian attackers was clearly manifested between November 12 and 15 during several days of peaceful demonstrations in Dili. The demonstrations were provoked by an
Call for ban on mutant soybeans The Australian GeneEthics Network has called for a ban on US soybean imports contaminated with genetically engineered beans and herbicide residues. US multinationals Monsanto and Cargill want to import soya beans
By Asger Strodl Afghanistan has been at war with itself for over six years now. The internal conflict has destroyed much of what was left after the Soviet withdrawal in 1989. More than a million civilians have been killed since 1978. More than 5
By Jennifer Thompson Recent rulings by the Israeli High Court have explicitly allowed Israeli secret police (GSS or Shin Bet) to continue to use torture during interrogation of Palestinian detainees. On November 15, the court approved increasing
By Lisa Macdonald Two weeks ago, the well-known environmentalist and spokesperson for Australians for an Ecologically Sustainable Population (AESP), Tim Flannery, won the prestigious Eureka award for his contribution to science's understanding
On November 23, thousands of people took to the streets around the country to protest against the racist ideas and policies of the Howard government and the likes of independent MP for Oxley Pauline Hanson. Graham Matthews told Green Left Weekly that
By Neil Murray Currently the opinion polls put Labour 18 points above the Tories. With the Tories beset by allegations of corruption and deeply divided over Europe, it is difficult to see them being able to turn this situation around by the time of
Half a million votes for Nader By Barry Sheppard Ralph Nader, who ran for president on the Green Party ticket, received more than half a million votes, with more than 200,000 in California. This represented the most votes cast for a
Villagers ban 'outsiders' from oil project Land-holders of the Gobe oil fields in PNG's Southern Highlands on October 24 banned "outsiders" from entering the area and threatened to "attack" anyone who did. It is proposed that oil deposits on the
By Chris Beale In Thailand's November 17 election the military, briefly sidelined by the May 1992 people's power uprising, was returned to power. Thailand has suffered 17 coups since 1932, when a weak, city-based bourgeois uprising to overthrow the
By Lisa Macdonald On November 19, the Australian Democrats gave up all pretence of being a progressive alternative in Australian parliaments by voting with the Howard government to allow the passage of the draconian Workplace Relations Bill.
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