Cairns council rejects East Trinity project By Bill Mason BRISBANE — North Queensland conservationists have welcomed a decision by the Cairns City Council to reject a plan to create a $1.5 billion satellite suburb south-east of the city. The
By Ivana Milojevic It was a sunny day, as it often is in Queensland. Pauline Hanson was a bit down that day. She had been denied access to a school, also to a meeting, and had recently been harassed by demonstrators and even threatened with
The Internet for WomenBy Rye Senjen and Jane GuthreySpinifex Press, 1996. 285pp., $24.95Reviewed by Patricia Brien The Internet for Women is a practical and interesting guide for women embarking on a journey into the world of cyberspace. Rye Senjen
Green Left Weekly's SHANE BENTLEY talked to MIKE WADDINGTON, the national secretary of Militant Labour in Britain, about the political trajectory of Tony Blair's "new" Labour Party, and its implications for building the left wing of politics in
By Marina Cameron The Liberal government's changes to higher education — including a 5% cut to university operating grants, higher HECS to be charged in a new three-tier system, a lower HECS repayment threshold, allowing the charging of
Bull Bar ToursBy Catherine Fitzgerald and Eva JohnsonVitalstatistix Wharf ShedRemaining matinees: November 20, 27 at 11am.$18/15/10/5Reviewed by Emma Webb and Melanie Sjoberg The chill winds blew across the Port Adelaide docks as we rugged up to
Anti-racist activists in Queensland are gearing up for a rally in Pauline Hanson's home town of Ipswich on November 23. The Anti-Racist Campaign (ARC) has been meeting in Brisbane for a month, and a new anti-racist group began meeting in Ipswich on
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — SERCO Australia has lodged a proposal with the state Liberal government to contract for the running of all TAFE administrative, maintenance and grounds duties. SERCO Australia is a subsidiary of the SERCO group, a
NEWCASTLE — Workers at Forgacs Engineering in Hexham are close to settling an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) after lengthy and heated negotiations. The EBA period began in mid-July after workers forced management to begin negotiations.
By Bill Day and Sally Mitchell DARWIN — A determined group of pensioners and their carers are making a stand against the Darwin City Council (DCC) policy of harassing homeless Aboriginal people. In the last council elections, Mayor George Brown
Nature's Keepers: The New Science of Nature ManagementBy Stephen BudianskyPhoenix Giants, 1996. 296 pp., $24.95Reviewed by Dot Tumney Budiansky's target is the semi-religious status of the balance of nature concept (idol of the well-fed ambience
By Max Lane Between November 14 and 16, thousands of East Timorese youth demonstrated at the University of East Timor and outside the governor's office in Dili in solidarity with Bishop Belo. Belo has come under verbal attack from the Indonesian
Friends "Try to imagine a large frog on a poster, smiling a huge smile. Around his head are tracks of insects whizzing by. A caption under the frog reads: 'Time's fun when you're having flies!' "— The Reverend Greg Skala Have you ever noticed
Courts and injustice A two-year study, Heroines of Fortitude: the experiences of women in court as victims of sexual assault, was released on October 30 by the NSW Department for Women. The aim of the study was to assess women's experiences in the
Wagner: Race and RevolutionBy Paul Lawrence RoseFaber & Faber, 1996. 246 pp., $24.95 (pb)Reviewed by Phil Shannon Hitler was a fan of Richard Wagner, always opening the Nuremberg rallies with the overture to Wagner's "Rienzi" opera. Does this mean
Racist minister gets 'special treatment' from protesters By Kerryn Williams CANBERRA — An angry group of protesters gathered at the Australian National University on November 15 to picket a function addressed by Aboriginal affairs minister John


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