By Paul Oboohov One September 25 the National Delegates Committee (NDC) in the Department of Employment, Education and Training and Youth Affairs (DEETYA) met in teleconference to finalise their log of claims prior to a membership vote beginning
The IncorruptibleBy Louis NowraDirected by Aubrey MellorSydney Theatre Company in association with PlayboxDrama Theatre, Sydney Opera House until October 19Reviewed by Helen Jarvis An unknown country politician and sugar cane farmer is plucked out of
By Tuntuni Bhattacharyya and Pat Brewer On September 26, a 90-strong meeting called by the Women's Abortion Action Campaign discussed the implications of the current High Court case involving the legality of abortion, in which the Catholic Church
By Peter Boyle Just over a week after the independent member for Oxley, Pauline Hanson, made the most nakedly racist speech heard in an Australian parliament for decades, Prime Minister John Howard boasted that since his government was elected,
By Russel Norman AUCKLAND — It's a beautiful sunny day, the first day it hasn't rained in months. Winston Peters, the leader of the New Zealand First Party, has gambled on an open air campaign launch for the October 12 election and has won. God
Community activist awards MELBOURNE — The Inaugural Community Activist Awards are being organised as a fundraiser for Access News, the alternative news segment on Channel 31 community TV. Access News comes from a left-wing, trade union and
Child-care cuts anger community By Ana Kailis PERTH — Carewest, an umbrella organisation for all community child-care centres, has been established in Western Australia to organise and mobilise child-care workers and parents in opposition to
Repeal all abortion laws! The High Court is currently hearing an appeal by Superclinics against a NSW district court decision allowing a woman to bring a case of medical negligence for non-diagnosis of her pregnancy. The woman tried to sue the
GuantanameraDirected by Tomas Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos TabioWith Mirtha Ibarra and Jorge PerugorriaOpens Lumiere Cinema Melbourne, October 10Reviewed by Natasha Izatt Guantanamera ... GuajiraGuantanameraGuantanamera ... GuajiraGuantanamera
By Barry Sheppard On Sunday, September 15, the largest protest action in recent years in defence of the environment in the US took place in the remote northern California town of Carlotta. Organized by Earth First!, the action mobilised some
ACT budget fire-sale By Tim Gooden CANBERRA — The ACT budget, released on September 24, puts Action Buses and three ACT government buildings up for sale in a controversial effort to balance the books through $100 million worth of asset sales.
Machinists win 99-day strike A bitter 99-day strike against McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Corporation in the US ended in victory on September 11 when members of Machinist Union District 837 voted to accept a five-year contract. The main issue was
By Suneeta Peres da Costa I find it rather apt that as I write this, there is a program being broadcast on Radio National about the burning of black churches in the US south. When Pauline Hanson said in her maiden address to federal parliament that
No security in Australia-US war ties By Paul Buckberry While we are all assessing the budget damage done and counting who has been left standing, John Howard quarantined defence from any cuts and defence minister Ian McLachlan vowed to give the
By Brian Campbell All 25 members of the National Executive of Herri Batasuna (the party of left-wing Basque nationalism) have been threatened with jail. The Spanish authorities accuse them of being agents of ETA, which is engaged in an armed
By Alex Bainbridge NEWCASTLE — A meeting of BHP steelworkers on September 25 vowed to campaign against BHP's apparent decision to stop producing steel in Newcastle. The meeting was prompted by BHP chairperson Brian Loton's announcement to the


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