"... the signs are ominous and very evident and a chill wind blows". US Supreme Court Justice Blackman expressed his concern when, in July 1989, the Supreme Court (stacked with Ronald Reagan appointees) upheld a Missouri state law banning the
East Timorese Kissing with their wounds the only protest left to them Denis Kevans
30-year battle to ban the burn 1965: Waverley and Woollahra councils apply to build an incinerator in Botany Road, Waterloo. The City of Sydney Council refuses the application. 1966: The case goes to the Land and Valuation Court. The incinerator
By Jeremy Smith MELBOURNE — Workers at the ACI Spotswood plant, who have staged a month-long picket, were charged and bashed by mounted police with batons on August 16. The dispute started when ACI-BTR revealed plans to retrench 59 workers,
By Philippa Stanford ADELAIDE — Western Mining Corporation (WMC) is set to operate one of the world's top 10 copper mines and Australia's largest uranium mine with the announcement on July 15 of a $1.25 billion expansion of its Olympic Dam mine
Coalition feigns anti-nuclear stand By Pip Hinman In an apparent about-face, the federal Coalition government has welcomed the report from the Canberra Commission on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. According to Alexander Downer, the report
The End of Work: The decline of the global labour force and the dawn of the post-market eraBy Jeremy Rifkin Tarcher/Putnam, June 1996350pp., $26.95Reviewed by Dick Nichols This is a fascinating and maddening book, chock-full of contradictions.
By Lisa Macdonald Just three years after decisively rejecting Liberal leader John Hewson's Fightback! strategy at the polls, the Australian people are having it foisted on them again, this time by a smarter John Howard, who concealed it beneath a
Community acts over bike lanes By Gus Gulson SYDNEY — On the morning of August 14, three men dressed in overalls and orange safety vests, and carrying paint, brushes, witches hats and road safety barriers, started work on Abercrombie Street in
By Jennifer Thompson According to the August 9 Palestine Report, at least nine Palestinians have been killed by Palestinian Authority police officers since their arrival in the Gaza Strip and West Bank over two years ago. In late July, two West
The Winds of GodBy Masayuki Imai. Directed by Yoko NarahashiTwelfth Night Theatre, Brisbane, August 26-31Reviewed by Brendan Doyle In October 1944, Japan's military high command, in a final desperate bid to avoid crushing defeat by the US navy, set
Save the ABC MELBOURNE — Six thousand people rallied on August 12 against the Howard government's slashing of ABC funding, jobs and programs. The rally, organised by the Friends of the ABC, took place at the Melbourne Town Hall and spilled out
A fantastic line-up of artists with a diversity of talent will make this year's Wollombi Folk Festival "the best yet", organisers say. Some 100 artists will be performing over the weekend of August 30-September 1 in the scenic village of Wollombi,
By Janet Parker SYDNEY — Plans for a campaign against the military crackdown in Indonesia were mapped out at an emergency meeting here on August 16. Called by Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor, the meeting was attended by a broad
In a Liverpool court on July 30, four members of the British Ploughshares organisation were cleared of criminal damage after the jury accepted their claim to have had a lawful excuse to disarm a Hawk jet fighter to prevent its use by the Indonesians
More than 500 protesters greeted guests arriving at the Indonesian consulate in Melbourne for the Indonesian independence day celebrations on August 17. The demonstration, organised by the Australia-East Timor Association, was addressed by speakers


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