Rebuilding an independent union movement In recent months, construction workers around Australia have waged a militant campaign against the federal government's proposal to tax travel allowances. The campaign in Victoria has been especially
By Natalie Zirngast CANBERRA — An Education Action Group ticket was recently formed to contest the upcoming ANU Student Association elections. It involves Resistance and Socialist Workers Student Club members and independent activists from the
By Max Lane The dictatorship of President Suharto has occupied East Timor for twenty years and has been responsible for the death of at least 200,000 people. In December 1995, in defiance of the military-backed dictatorship, almost 50 students
By Marina Cameron and Sally Mitchell The federal budget cuts to ATSIC will disproportionately affect young people, with 40% of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders being under 15 years old, and 60% under 25. Programs for youth support, employment
By Brian Kelly It is twilight. I am sitting in an outdoor restaurant in Becora, Dili, with several East Timorese youths, listening to local songs played by one of the teenage boys. The neighbouring children sit cross-legged in the grass around us,
Thanks for nothing The frost lies heavily on the lawns of the Lodge the morning after the Budget is brought down. The ABC drones on attempting to achieve balance by broadcasting the clichéd statements of experts. Economic
Solidarity Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor (ASIET) has issued an emergency petition calling on the Suharto government to release all political prisoners and end suppression of freedom of assembly and organisation. More than 100
By John McGill and Sheila Suttner PERTH — Aboriginal activist and Vietnam veteran Lenny Culbong died on June 18, aged only 48. His exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam was a major factor in his early death. Despite increasingly bad health, Lenny
I am not usually one for public confessions, but I feel that something must be said. You can imagine how difficult this is for me to admit to. I am just an ordinary Joe Blow trying to make their own way in the world. There's nothing special about me.
Shell workers strike By Dave Mizon GEELONG — Workers at Shell's refinery are striking in response to a push for multi-skilling at the refinery. In negotiations over an enterprise agreement, workers have been pushing for a 12% pay rise over two


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