By Nick Carroll MELBOURNE — The Rainforest Action Group and the Forest Lands Action Group will stage an action against a ship entering Corio Quay South to pick up a supply of woodchips from the Midway woodchipping company. Supporters are urged
By Pete Malatesta CHAELUNDI — The Lismore Greens will send a protest to the NSW ombudsman and Amnesty International alleging the use of excessive force and torture by police against Chaelundi protesters. Peter Smith, the Lismore Greens'
By Peter Boyle The latest national account figures confirm that Australia is still deep in recession. Gross domestic product over the 12 months to June contracted by 0.9%, and unemployment is set to continue at around 10% well into next year. Yet
Mindless entertainment for the boys in the reformatory school choir in Freedom is Paradise, another offering from the Soviet film festival.
By Geoff Ash SYDNEY — Two environmental activists took the gloss off the Sydney Water Board's latest public relations effort here on August 14, when the last of the city's three deep water ocean outfalls was officially opened by Premier Nick
By Patrick Campbell One of the dirty tricks pulled by the British Special Forces and the loyalist Ulster Defence Association in 1974 will come back to haunt both organisations early next year, when a documentary on the North is aired on television
By Irina Glushchenko MOSCOW — "If only there were a free press in the Soviet Union!" That was the dream of generations of the Soviet intelligentsia. Somewhat more than a year ago, the dream came true: the last elements of state censorship were
By Reihana Mohideen and Norm Dixon "The reporters [used to] come to me and say 'What makes you so strong? You are alone, you're left with the children, you're in and out of jail. What makes you so strong?'. It's determination. It is knowing that
By Kaylene Allan After 200 years, in July the Tasmanian parliament had the opportunity to begin the process of reconciliation with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community by legislating for the return of land. The Legislative Council (the upper house),
Wallsend closure protested NEWCASTLE — For the second time, thousands turned out to protest against the proposed closure of Wallsend Hospital, near here. Union banners, hospital flags and solidarity signs were carried by the 10,000 protesters on


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