Working people in paint SYDNEY — A unique exhibition of 35 painters who either identified with working people or depicted their living and working conditions is showing at the Campbelltown City Art Gallery until August 25. The exhibition

By Peter Annear PRAGUE — A sea change may be occurring in popular sentiments among the national groups locked into Yugoslavia's low-intensity civil war. British journalist Laura Silber recently visited the village of Ivanovci in the central

By Pat Brewer SYDNEY — The repeatedly postponed national gathering to discuss a national green party took place on August 18-19. On the agenda were structure and proscription of membership in other political parties. Agreement to some form of

ADELAIDE — Eight progressive clubs at Adelaide University joined forces for Social Justice Week, August 3-10. The ecumenical Student Christian Movement initiated the project, which was taken up by the ANC Solidarity Group, Amnesty International,

By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Labor-controlled Brisbane City Council has massively increased fines for breaches of the repressive Queen Street Mall Act, introduced by the Bjelke-Petersen government in 1983. Fines under the act have been raised

Privatising the pension As wage rises have proven very difficult to get under the Accord, the union movement has been offered something of an alternative in superannuation. The proportion of the workforce covered by super has probably doubled

Thrill seekers Following claims that Colgate-Palmolive products in several supermarkets had been laced with cyanide, public affairs manager Geoff Walsh said the company "had received many supportive calls from brand users who pledged to continue

Grenada 14 sentences commuted The government of Grenada has commuted the death sentences on Bernard Coard and 13 others convicted of murdering former prime minister Maurice Bishop. The 14 have denied responsibility for the killing of Bishop

By Ndungi Wa Mungai Kenya is experiencing "disturbances" in universities and schools, which have led to several deaths, a year after the Saba Saba — pro-democracy demonstrations — that rocked Nairobi and outlying towns in July 1990.

By Tracy Sorenson Raspad Directed by Mikhail Belikov Showing at the second festival of new cinema from the Soviet Union At the Academy Twin and Walker cinemas, Sydney Until August 29 Reviewed by Tracy Sorensen "Raspad" translates as


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