By Margaret Gleeson In their final appearance of a one-week tour which included meetings in Melbourne and Brisbane, Nicaraguan FSLN members Alejandro Bendana and Zoilamerica Ortega addressed a meeting of 70 in Sydney on July 12. Bendana, former
By Pip Hinman Australia, with the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the world, has lined up with the oil-producing nations of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria in refusing to agree to greenhouse gas reduction targets at a climate change
By Eva Cheng wenty thousand people attended an "open trial" in Erzhou city in the Chinese province of Hubei on May 30 to hear the judgment of 70 defendants, four of whom received death sentences and were executed shortly afterwards. In mid-May,
Dyirbal Song Poetry: Traditional songs of an Australian rainforest peopleLarrikin through FestivalAmerican Indian DancesARC recordsReviewed by Norm Dixon The songs, music and dances of the world's indigenous peoples have become somewhat trendy in
By James Balowski In the wake of large demonstrations against government manipulation to remove Megawati Sukarnoputri as leader of the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI), questions over President Suharto's health have again brought the issue of the
RootsSepulturaRoadrunner RecordsReviewed by Ben Courtice I suppose quite a few reviewers must have had a bit of a scratch of the scalp whilst trying to describe Sepultura's latest album. No longer do they play the straight "speed" or "death" metal
By E.A. Selvanathan Some commentators have predicted that since the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) lost the Tamil heartland of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka to the Sri Lankan armed forces, it is the end of the liberation struggle for the
BRISBANE — The Queensland Association for Mental Health held a protest on June 24 against proposed funding cuts to the mental health reform initiative Project 300. The joint initiative of the departments of health, housing and family services is
By Sandy Eager SYDNEY — A Housing Day of Action organised by the Coalition to Save Public and Community Housing (CSPCH) will be held on July 18. The action is in response to the federal government's recently announced plans to massively cut
By Leo Wellin In an effort to address staff concerns about privatisation, the Chief Executive Officer of Telstra, Frank Blount, has been touring the country with his "staff road show" for the last two months offering his opinion on the "change in


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