By Bruce Marlowe The Community and Public Sector Union, which covers workers in the Australian Public Service, is to hold a round of mass meetings on July 23 to vote on a CPSU national executive motion for a 24-hour stoppage onr July 25. The move
By Sue Bolton MELBOURNE — On July 3, the Victorian Trades Hall Council called a second delegates rally to discuss the campaign to protect award pay and conditions, and to discuss attacks on apprentice and trainee wages. Some 1500 workers and
By Nico Warouw On July 8 in Surabaya, east Java, an action by 20,000 workers in the Tandes industrial zone was attacked by the military. Under the banner of the People's Democratic Party (PRD), workers from 10 different factories rallied to demand
By Israel Shahak According to most Israeli pollsters, the electoral power of the left (composed currently of the Labour party, Meretz and the "Arab parties") and the right, usually allied with the religious parties and comprising the rest of the
The Coalition's attacks appear to be politically as much as economically motivated. As Arthi Patel from the Immigration Advice and Rights Centre points out, the government's "cost savings" justification for cutting family reunion migrants, whose
By Eva Cheng Internationalism stood out as a central feature in the conference, which was attended by an unprecedentedly large contingent of guests from around the world. Eleven guests from six countries — Indonesia, Germany, the Philippines,
By Chris Slee Members of the Community and Public Sector Union employed by the Australian Taxation Office will meet between July 15 and 19 to vote on recommendations for work bans put by the union's Tax Division executive. The proposals include a
First things first "Instead of the holistic approach, we've zoomed in on the bottom line, and trade is the only driving consideration." — An anonymous official, quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald, on the Australian government's attitude to
The Tan FamilyBy Rithy PanhSBS Television. Sunday, July 21, 8pm (7.30 in SA)Previewed by Allen Myers This is a stark documentary of a Cambodian peasant family repatriated from a camp in Thailand in 1992 as part of the UN-supervised elections which
By Kim Linden MELBOURNE — Some 7000 building workers took to the streets here on July 10 as part of a statewide strike in protest against the federal government's proposal to tax travel allowances. The workers were mainly from the construction


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