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By Zeynep Tufekcioglu Turkey is a country on the edge of turmoil and collapse. It has a familiar story, often repeated in many countries around the world. During the post-World War II policies of import-substitution under the ever watchful eye of
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — The second-round presidential elections on July 3 began inauspiciously for the authorities. Throughout the morning, the population of St Petersburg, a city considered a major stronghold of the regime, failed to turn
By Leo Wellin In an effort to address staff concerns about privatisation, the Chief Executive Officer of Telstra, Frank Blount, has been touring the country with his "staff road show" for the last two months offering his opinion on the "change in
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By Bruce Marlowe The Community and Public Sector Union, which covers workers in the Australian Public Service, is to hold a round of mass meetings on July 23 to vote on a CPSU national executive motion for a 24-hour stoppage onr July 25. The move
The Boycott Burma Campaign in the US succeeded last year in pressuring multinational companies such as Macy, Levi Strauss, Reebok, Liz Clairborne and Eddie Bauer to pull out or stop doing business with Burma as a sanction against the military
George speaks on IR bill CANBERRA — ACTU president Jennie George spoke at the Canberra Workers' Club on July 10 on the potential effects of the government's planned industrial legislation on workers, particularly women. Unionists asked what
By Corinne Glenn The ABC has become the latest target of the coalition government's austerity drive. Mark Brook from Friends of the ABC (WA branch) says, "The Howard government claims that the current ABC is elitist; therefore public funding should
By Liam Mitchell SYDNEY — The NSW government has been forced to abandon its plan to slash 1800 jobs, close a number of hospitals and cut the funding to others in order to increase the number of hospital beds in outlying suburbs. Health minister
By Israel Shahak According to most Israeli pollsters, the electoral power of the left (composed currently of the Labour party, Meretz and the "Arab parties") and the right, usually allied with the religious parties and comprising the rest of the
By Peter Montague In late 1993 the Governing Council of the American Public Health Association unanimously approved Policy Statement 9304, urging US industry to stop using the chemical chlorine. APHA is a professional society, founded in 1872,