George speaks on IR bill
CANBERRA — ACTU president Jennie George spoke at the Canberra Workers' Club on July 10 on the potential effects of the government's planned industrial legislation on workers, particularly women. Unionists asked what

By Lisa Macdonald
On July 3, federal cabinet approved a 12,000 cut in the 1996-97 immigration program. In a tone reminiscent of his 1988 One Nation policy which called for reduced Asian immigration, John Howard announced the latest changes,

The Boycott Burma Campaign in the US succeeded last year in pressuring multinational companies such as Macy, Levi Strauss, Reebok, Liz Clairborne and Eddie Bauer to pull out or stop doing business with Burma as a sanction against the military

By Norm Dixon
The results of the twice-delayed KwaZulu-Natal local government elections, held on June 26, were a blow to the Inkatha Freedom Party and its leader, Chief Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi. While the IFP won the largest share of the vote

By Norm Dixon
The Australian government should immediately demand the return of the Iroquois combat helicopters and completely reassess its military aid to Port Moresby, Moses Havini, Australian representative of the pro-independence Bougainville

By Bill Mason
BRISBANE — Conservation groups are outraged at the federal government's July 9 decision to give the go-ahead for the controversial Hinchinbrook resort project, subject to developer Keith Williams signing an agreement to use "best

By Peter Montague
In late 1993 the Governing Council of the American Public Health Association unanimously approved Policy Statement 9304, urging US industry to stop using the chemical chlorine. APHA is a professional society, founded in 1872,

@letterhead = Anti-gun hysteria
After a sentence of TV News and the Sunday Mail, I opened the first copy of my renewed subscription to GLW and flicked through the July 3 issue looking for the DSP line on gun law reform. What a disappointment.

A Veritable Dynamo: Lloyd Ross and Australian Labour 1901-1987By Stephen HoltUniversity of Queensland Press, 1996. 196 pp., $29.95 (pb)Reviewed by Phil Shannon Lloyd Ross made "a lasting contribution to genuine social — but definitely not socialist

Chris Williams, 18, student at Victorian University of Technology, joined Resistance during the conference I have been active in the campaign against education cuts in Melbourne. It's a campaign I feel very strongly about. Through working with people


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