Vacant PossessionWritten and directed By Margot NashOpens May 23 Melbourne, August 9 HobartReviewed By Kim Linden Vacant Possession intertwines memories, dreams, reality, the past and the present, all culminating in a vivid story about the concept of
Equal pay and Howard's IR bill A comment by the chief executive of the Metal Trades Industry Association — the metal bosses' "union" — reveals employer thinking behind their hostility to paying women and men equal pay for work of equal value.
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — There is nothing so capable of persuading "reformist" Russian President Boris Yeltsin to announce reforms as the prospect of being thrown out of his job. Since campaigning began in earnest for the June 16 election,
A Woman's PlaceBy Edwina CurrieHodder and Stoughton, 1996. 454 pp.$39.95 (hb) (also available in paperback)Reviewed by Tony Smith In this sequel to the steamy A Parliamentary Affair, Elaine Stalker MP climbs the greasy pole of the English ministry.
An Australian mouse squeaks petulantly at the distant Lion as its bombs insult the peaceful ocean, degrading both the culture of origin and the hapless victims of "collateral" damage, deformed babies coral reefs and birds, mutant fish
By Paul Oboohov CANBERRA — Most workplaces in most federal departments have placed bans on the handling of government business and the administration of cuts, bans on doing the work of vacant positions, processing government revenue and the
By Sue Bolton MELBOURNE — Around 150 angry workers, indigenous people and environmentalists delayed CRA's annual general meeting at the Victorian Arts Centre for over an hour on May 22. Representatives from the CFMEU's mining and construction
A campaign against the Liberals' attacks on education has been gathering momentum at the University of Queensland. More than 500 students rallied against cuts in education and to protest against police violence on campus on May 14. On May 24, the
By Jennifer Thompson The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in November started the race toward Israel's May 29 elections in earnest. As the elections drew closer, the lines between Labour — the so-called party of peace, which enjoys strong backing
SYDNEY — An international environmental film festival, the Paddy Pallin Wild Spaces, will be held in Newtown on June 1-2. Festival director Gary Caganoff says that the festival is designed to entertain, inform, reflect the concerns of communities,
By Dave Wright SYDNEY — Since its election 14 months ago, the Carr government has continued the program of neo-liberal "reform" introduced by the previous Greiner/Fahey Liberal governments. The differences between the NSW Labor government and
Last week, thousands of students joined rallies and marches organised by the National Union of Students (NUS) and cross-campus committees as part of a national week of action to protest against the federal government's proposed tertiary education
By Nigel D'Souza MELBOURNE — The election of the Howard government has had an inauspicious start for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. The recent attacks against Aboriginal organisations under the rubric of
By Dave Andrews ROSEBERY — A massive, community-based battle has erupted over the threatened closure of the new hospital here on Tasmania's west coast. The state Department of Community and Health Services (DC&HS) announced on May 13 that it
By Kim Linden MELBOURNE — A "wringout" for Fairlea Women's Prison at Fairfield on May 19 was a resounding demonstration of solidarity with the women imprisoned there and against the scheduled replacement of Fairlea by a private prison. The
My friend "The vain eruditions of adulthood very often cast the light of scholarship so brightly that learning becomes little more than an academic spell ... that can only be broken by the innocent magic of a child's stated observations and


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