Mick Young Stories about Mick Young must be legion. Once a delegation fighting to save Port Adelaide Adult Matric (Saint Ethelton Behind the Wire to its inmates) from being chopped by the Bannon and Hawke governments was invited to put its spiel
By Norm Dixon At midnight on April 14, a force of Papua New Guinea Defence Force soldiers and members of the pro-PNG Bougainville resistance crossed into the Solomon Islands and raided the village of Kariki, according to reports reaching the
By Naazreen Angullia PERTH — Thirty Curtin University students attended a Resistance public meeting on the theme "Life under the Liberals" on March 28. The meeting was called in support of a National Day of Action against voluntary student
The good fight of Elvis and Marilyn in cyberspace A short story by Craig Cormick She altered my life. And when she found me, I was sitting alone in my room in my underpants, with a large file before me, hacking at my profile. It's true. It's all
Queensland University occupied BRISBANE — Two hundred and fifty students occupied the student union offices at the University of Queensland on April 18 in response to the student union's failure to represent them, in particular the union
Ay, there's the point! "The Commonwealth Ombudsman, Ms Philippa Smith, is highly critical of the Government's decision to slash up to 30 per cent from her budget, saying it will compromise her capacity to scrutinise government agencies." —
By Dave Wright SYDNEY — Ten thousand people demonstrated on April 20 against the renewed bombing and continued occupation of southern Lebanon by the Israeli government. The rally was organised by the Lebanese Australian Solidarity Committee with
By Adam Hanieh ADELAIDE — The former federal Labor government's agenda of developing closer links between industry and education has been consummated in a deal between a South Australian high school and AWA Defence Industries. The $30,000 deal
Olfat Mahmoud, Director of the Women's Humanitarian Organisation in the Burj el Barajneh Palestinian refugee camp in the southern outskirts of Beirut has reported repeated attacks on the heavily populated southern suburbs of Beirut, adjacent to the
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — The South Australian parliament may take a step towards public accountability following a decision by the upper house to view details of contracts related to outsourcing. Last year, in a deal worth $700 million,
Alliance offers New Zealanders a choice A national conference of the New Zealand Alliance was held at Easter in Wellington. Here we reprint major excerpts from Alliance leader JIM ANDERTON's speech to the conference. We joined the Alliance to
Two recent studies show that organochlorine chemicals are found in measurable concentrations worldwide, even in regions far removed from sources of pollution. Organochlorines, such as DDT, PCBs and dioxins, have been linked to a range of negative
Workers join forces with Timor activists By Barry Sheppard Readers of Green Left Weekly have followed the struggle against the Indonesian military's occupation of East Timor for many years. But here in the US, this important struggle is not
By Stephen Marks The Dominican Revolutionary Forces (FR) and the Camaa&241;ista Revolutionary Union are calling for a boycott of the national elections in May. The current president, Joaquín Balaguer, has been in power for 22 of the last 30
By Reihana Mohideen MANILA — A March 27 meeting here of 301 factory-based union presidents, representing 76,634 union members, launched a campaign to increase the take-home pay of workers by demanding the scrapping of income tax on workers. The
ALICE WALKER, the African-American writer, sent a letter regarding Cuba to US President Bill Clinton on March 13. It is reprinted here abridged. Dear President Clinton: Thank you very much for the invitation to the White House while I was in


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