Citizen Initiated Referendums In your February 7th cover story (GLW #218), Pip Hinman outlines the problems with our political system, but for a solution simply says, "We have to create new institutions of democracy that involve a majority of
Politics after elections The ACTU leadership launched into its usual pre-election bluster last week. Addressing an ALP union rally at Melbourne Town Hall on February 21, ACTU secretary Bill Kelty threatened "industrial warfare" and wage claims of
The Greens, economics and fairytales The GreensBy Bob Brown and Peter SingerThe Text Publishing Company, 1996. 198 pp., $14.95Reviewed by Lisa Macdonald This book by Green Senate candidates Bob Brown and Peter Singer is the first attempt to
Jim at 50 Back then, when our daddies and mummies came together in prodigious numbers, we were born. And golly, there were lots of us. To be born after the war made us a lucky bunch of so and sos. Times were good. There were more jobs going than you
By Pip Hinman Several anti-immigration independents and parties are standing in the federal elections. While they claim not to be racist, Graeme Campbell, Australians Against Further Immigration Party, Reclaim Australia: Reduce Immigration and
By Norm Dixon The International Monetary Fund is standing over the impoverished, war-shattered southern African country of Mozambique because the government has had the temerity to announce measures to try to improve the lives of its people.
The colonisation of Palestine by European Jewish settlers in the l920s usually evokes heroic images in Western eyes. However, there were international concerns then about the potential abuse of Arab labour. Concerns were even expressed by the Zionist
Bodgie Dada and the Cult of CoolBy John Clare (aka Gail Brennan)UNSW Press, 1995. 218 pp., $39.95 (hb)Companion 2-CD compilation available on ABC Music through EMIReviewed by Norm Dixon Gail Brennan — as writer John Clare is best-known these days
By Sean Lavis GLASGOW — More than 300 people crammed into City Hall on February 10 for the founding meeting of the Scottish Socialist Alliance, a coalition of left parties, groups and independent activists. Speakers from various left backgrounds
By Vaarunika Dharmapala PERTH — Negotiations the claim of the Australian Nurses Federation (ANF) for a wage increase of 10% for all general public sector nurses, and other demands, have ended. The proposals went to state cabinet on February 19.
Street theatre of youth poverty By Jamie Meurant BRISBANE — A crowd gathered in the Queen Street Mall on February 23 for a youth rights speak out and street theatre of youth poverty. These actions were organised by Resistance to highlight what
By Eric Earley I wish to reinforce the statements made by Barbara Wright in her article "Cancer treatment and informed consent", in the Oct-Dec '95 issue of the Medical Consumers Association of NSW newsletter [reprinted in GLW #216]. In November '94
By Kath Gelber In 1984 Big Brother was watching. In 1996, Big Brother controls what we watch, read and hear. Censorship is a fact of life. It ranges from formal, legal limitations, restrictions and categorisations imposed on publications, films and
Lotus WarBy Julie JansonOn Soundstage, ABC FM February 20Reviewed by Brendan Doyle The stage version of this outstanding radio play will open shortly at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and hopefully will move on from there to other capitals. It is a
The building where Green Left Weekly is produced is badly in need of repair. We desperately need help to repair the exterior and interior of part of the building where the brickwork is crumbling away, allowing Sydney's weather to wreak havoc on the
Support is growing for the call by East Timorese resistance organisations and several Australian supporters for a national day of solidarity with East Timor to demand withdrawal of Australia's de jure recognition of Indonesia's illegal takeover of


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