By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Queensland State Public Services Federation has warned the new National-Liberal Coalition government that the union will not tolerate mass sackings or large-scale restructuring. SPSFQ secretary Gordon Rennie said the
By Pip Hinman Several anti-immigration independents and parties are standing in the federal elections. While they claim not to be racist, Graeme Campbell, Australians Against Further Immigration Party, Reclaim Australia: Reduce Immigration and
By Dave Riley "Tell me this: would you give me a foot massage?" "A what ...!" "I'm asking you — would you give another bloke a foot massage? You reckon you're king in that department, so would ya?" "Stuff you." "That's my point. There's lots more
By Peter Boyle The fact that the Coalition's February 15 announcement of plans to cut $6.3 billion from government spending (over three years) was met with calls for a tripling of these cuts from the Murdoch and Packer press makes the prospect of a
By Adam Hanieh ADELAIDE — More than 5000 education workers packed Memorial Drive Tennis court on February 23 in the largest education mass meeting ever held in SA. Members of the South Australian Institute of Teachers (SAIT) overwhelmingly endorsed
The colonisation of Palestine by European Jewish settlers in the l920s usually evokes heroic images in Western eyes. However, there were international concerns then about the potential abuse of Arab labour. Concerns were even expressed by the Zionist
By Sean Lavis GLASGOW — More than 300 people crammed into City Hall on February 10 for the founding meeting of the Scottish Socialist Alliance, a coalition of left parties, groups and independent activists. Speakers from various left backgrounds
SkinSydney Theatre CompanyWharf 2, Sydney until March 16Reviewed by Lisa Macdonald Skin incorporates two very different, tenuously linked plays. The first, Somewhere in the Darkness, written by Ray Kelly, draws on the traditions of Aboriginal
BRENDAN DOYLE arrived in France at the beginning of December and witnessed three weeks of strikes and the biggest demonstrations since May 1968. On one Saturday there were 2 million people on the streets all over France, and millions of others
By Kim Linden MELBOURNE — Health workers in the recently formed North Eastern Health Care Network have stepped up their industrial campaign against the Kennett government's redeployment and redundancy packages, which began to be introduced on
Street theatre of youth poverty By Jamie Meurant BRISBANE — A crowd gathered in the Queen Street Mall on February 23 for a youth rights speak out and street theatre of youth poverty. These actions were organised by Resistance to highlight what
By Kath Gelber In 1984 Big Brother was watching. In 1996, Big Brother controls what we watch, read and hear. Censorship is a fact of life. It ranges from formal, legal limitations, restrictions and categorisations imposed on publications, films and