By Lisa Young BRISBANE — "Today marks a historic victory for women and women's services", stated Domestic Violence Resource Centre (DVRC) chairperson Betty Taylor, to the shouts and cheers of women and men supporters outside the Human Rights and
Kissing Angels on the Eve of RevolutionBy Robin DavidsonBoris Books, PO Box 1388, Woden ACT 2606$9.95 Reviewed by Craig Cormick Robin Davidson wears many masks. He has been a performer, writer, clown, activist and poet. The poems collected in this
Green Left Weekly's PIP HINMAN spoke to MAX LANE, Democratic Socialist spokesperson on foreign affairs and candidate for the federal seat of Lowe, about his campaign and the differences between the Democratic Socialists and the Green parties.
700 positionsA solo performance by Celia WhiteDirected by Gail KellyState Theatre 2, SydneyUntil February 17Reviewed by Kath Gelber 700 positions is a contemporary exploration of lesbian sexual practices, identities, behaviours, desires and
By Sarah Stephen HOBART — Six hundred people crowded into the Town Hall on February 7 to hear Greens candidates speak about their campaign for the House of Assembly and their vision for Tasmania. Polls are predicting that the Greens may win another
Gay pride march MELBOURNE — The first Pride march for some years was held on February 4 and met with great enthusiasm. Some 11,000 people from more than 60 community groups participated, including independent media, gay and lesbian support and
The media and women's rights By Alana Kerr and Kathy Seaone MELBOURNE — On January 24, Wayne Carey, captain of the North Melbourne football team, pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual assault of a woman. Carey, who has the status of a demigod
They wanted everything, so they took it: the leaves from the trees ... and the trees; movement and stillness and the light from the sun ... and from where I stand on the filthy beach outside the yacht-club, even the surface of the water. We are
By Jon Singer Although news of the "death of Communism" is greatly exaggerated (only Stalinism is on the skids), there has been a crisis of confidence in socialism among many on the left. Among the many temporarily debilitating results has been the
By Marcus Greville and Wendy Robertson Politicians continually assure the public that police corruption occurs only in isolated outbreaks and under exceptional circumstances — the "rotten apple" theory. However, if the royal commission headed by
By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — The Department for Education and Children's Services (DECS) has been prevented from using young people as cheap labour by the combined action of the Public Service Association (PSA) and the South Australian Institute
By Jorge Jorquera Christabel Chamarette views the election as an important indicator of the success or otherwise of the Greens (WA). "People are much more aware that we have an overall review role in the Senate, so it will be an interesting test to
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Wayne Goss was unanimously re-elected leader of the Queensland ALP on February 8, but his government is on the verge of oblivion. Even while describing his re-election as "a great honour", Goss is set merely to keep the
By Marina Carman Canberra — Protests are escalating against education cuts proposed by the Carnell Liberal government in the ACT. Students at a number of colleges and schools walked out of school on February 5 in response to cutbacks which would
By Norm Dixon Swaziland's trade unions called of their general strike for democracy on January 29. The strike, which began on January 22, was the longest in the small, landlocked kingdom's history and paralysed the country. It is estimated to have
On January 31, radioactive steam was released through a reactor valve in an experimental fast breeder reactor in Dimitrovgrad's Scientific Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (NIIAR). The reactor was shut down after the alarm system turned on. The


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