Qld Tamils hold peace meeting By Bill Mason BRISBANE The crisis in the Tamil Eelam, the northern area of Sri Lanka under siege from government troops, and the homeland of the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka, has become a humanitarian tragedy of
The Rise, Corruption and Coming Fall of the House of SaudBy Said AburishBloomsbury Publishing Co, 1995 (pb)Reviewed by Adam Hanieh Saudi Arabia is a country that conjures up many varied images. Oil, desert, camels, and Islam combine to form the
The following speech was given by Cuban president Fidel Castro on October 22, 1995 to the United Nations General Assembly in New York which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the organisation. Half a century ago, the United Nations Organisation was
"A man may as well open an oyster without a knife, as a lawyer's mouth without a fee." — Barten Holyday Yes. Because I want to live, I desperately need money for expert witnesses and to retain a responsive and talented lawyer. At this writing the
By Brendan Kays HOBART — For the last two weeks, the Wilderness Society and the Tarkine Tigers have been holding vigils at Parliament House lawns to protest against the destruction fo the Tarkine wilderness. On November 22, 40 people held a "wake"
The Australian Heritage Commission is running a photo competition on Australia's wild rivers. The event is part of a program to identify and conserve this increasingly rare part of our natural heritage. The competition runs until January 29 with
Trade unionists and left activists organised actions around the country last week to condemn CRA's attempt at union-busting and show solidarity with the CRA workers striking for equal pay in Weipa. More than 400 workers, unionists and solidarity
By Alex Bainbridge NEWCASTLE — Forty people protested against the execution of former Ogoni leader, Ken Saro-Wiwa, outside the Shell depot in Broadmeadow on November 23. Demonstrators also condemned the Nigerian government's ongoing repression and
By Nikki Ulasowski WOLLONGONG — Pickets were set up outside Tradelink stores here and in Nowra on November 17 following the sackings of six workers from Tradelink Plumbing Supplies. All were members of the National Union of Workers (NUW). NUW state
Boycott Shell I was livid at the recent murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa and others in Nigeria. "Saro-Wiwa has led the battle against the oil multinational Shell's environmental vandalism of the Niger Delta region in southern Nigeria — home to 500,000 Ogoni
By Tarquin McPartlan and Vanessa Bushell CANBERRA — The idea of legal distribution of heroin to dependant users has been researched in Australia for the last four years. Some of the results have been used in the creation of heroin programs in
By James Vassilopoulos CANBERRA — The Greens won two Legislative Assembly seats in the ACT elections in February. They were elected on a platform which includes reducing waste, supporting an efficient and clean public transport system, quality