By Eva Cheng Social discontent is rising in China, in such an alarming way that Beijing has reportedly put its entire state machinery on the alert to contain or crush it. The Cheng Ming magazine, published in Hong Kong, has a reputation of being well
By Geoff Spencer MELBOURNE — October 3 marked the third anniversary of the election of the Kennett government. To mark the occasion, the Victorian Trades Hall Council called a poorly-publicised "Cut Kennett Down to Size" rally which was attended by
By John Percy Ten years after the Russian Revolution that was the inspiration for the formation of the Communist Party of Australia, much had changed in the Soviet Union. Bureaucratism was rampant, Lenin was dead, and Stalin was rapidly pushing aside
By Emma Webb ADELAIDE The annual Students, Science and Sustainability (SS&S) conference was held at Flinders University on September 27-30 with the theme, "Think Globally, Act Locally, Start Tertiary". Around 150 tertiary students attended, with 50
By Jill Hickson Nuclear power is a dying industry in the US. The costs and the environmental problems are too great, while the price of natural gas and other fossil fuels has fallen thanks to the Gulf War. More than 100 planned reactors have been
High school week of anti-nuke actio By Peter Boyle High school anti-nuclear activists will be participating in a national week of action on October 18-25, to protest against nuclear testing and Australia's export of uranium. This follows a
At the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in September, there was a debate about whether to include in the Platform of Action the right for women not to be discriminated against on the grounds of their sexuality. In the final outcome, the
By Maureen Baker and Sean Magill The 1991 Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody made 339 recommendations to reduce the rate of Aboriginal imprisonment and the federal government allocated $400 million over five years to implement them. Four
Guerrilla FunkParisPriority RecordsPlanet of Da ApesDa Lench MobPriority RecordsReviewed by Sean Moysey This review is very late and I'm in trouble with the reviews editor. However being late has its advantages. I've been able to listen to these
Mel Bull and Graham Matthews On October 24, federal cabinet will decide on the woodchip export licences for 1996. Following the outrage at the decision by federal resource minister Bedall at the end of 1994 to increase woodchip export quotas


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