Write on Gareth Evans I am as outraged at your Gareth Evans competition as I was with my daughter who reckoned GE and Martin Evans vindicate phrenology. "The ducks are on the board Dad", she says. Don't get me wrong, GE has his faults: convoluted
BHP chartered the Iron Baron to deliver manganese ore and other mining products to Launceston. Somehow, on July 11, the ship went well off course and grounded on a reef near the Tamar River mouth. When finally towed free, it had already spewed at
By Alex Bainbridge NEWCASTLE — Academic work bans were lifted at Newcastle University on September 21 following the abolition of promotion quotas by the university council the previous day. Bans had been in place for four months following a
By Ben Courtice HOBART Moves by the federal government to shore up its environment image before the next election have amounted to next to nothing for the Tarkine wilderness area in Tasmania's north-west. The forests of the Tarkine and the Great
By Ian Powell While on a recent visit to England it was interesting, both as a parent and as a former teachers' union official, to observe developments in the education service after 15 years of Thatcherism. In the all-too-brief 10 days I was there,
By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Letters to the editor in the Courier-Mail newspaper indicate widespread rejection of attacks by a minority of public figures on the role of Resistance in the high school walkout here. "Quotes from educators about students
Due to an increase in the price of newsprint, the cover price of Green Left Weekly has increased to $2.However, for the time being, the cost of subscribing is still at the pre-price rise rate. Until the end of the year, when we will have to increase
By Roni Ben Efrat I recently came across a special advertising supplement of the daily Ha'Aretz entitled "Export 95". The articles effuse optimism, painting a picture of future growth in language not entirely free of propaganda. A close look
Visionary "If we stick to these hard-core issues, we are going to win the next election and we're going to continue to have the most visionary prime minister Australia has ever had." — Former NSW premier Neville Wran, waxing lyrical at the state
I climbed into the taxi and then noticed the windscreen was extensively cracked on my side. The driver seemed pretty cool. He owned the cab, and No. It wasn't dangerous yet. The crack extended each day about a centimetre, but there was still plenty
By John Nebauer In 1944, Fred Paterson was elected as the member for Bowen in the Queensland parliament. He is the only communist to have held a state or federal parliamentary seat in Australia. Paterson was born at the Gladstone Meatworks boarding
Programs of interest on Sydney Community TV (UHF 31) — Perleeka, indigenous Australians' program, nightly, 7pm. Art Experimenta, Mondays, 8pm and 11.30pm, and Tuesdays, 3am and 6.30am. Bent TV, Gay and lesbian program, Thursdays, 10.30pm and
By colin Hesse SYDNEY — One word ... WE! Pete Seeger and friends is a new play about the life and singing of Pete Seeger and the times that shaped the music of Seeger and his contemporaries. It ranges over the end of the Great Depression, the Cold
By Anthony Benbow. PERTH — Workers at E Green & Sons at Harvey, 100km south of Perth, returned to work on September 28, with a substantial pay increase and agreement by the company to implement proper skill recognition. The entire work force walked
All around Australia, there were protests during the week of the second French nuclear test in the Pacific. While the largest demonstration was in Brisbane (see page 3), actions also took place in other cities. Dave Wright reports from Sydney that
Well I wandered down the other day to say giday to Senator Ray he told me to get out of the fucking way, seems he's got trouble with flag burners. He's head of the army so they say, he's pretty important is Senator Ray. Some it seems want to burn


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