Green Left Weekly was established, in part, as a remedy to that kind of media. We carry very few ads, and the ones we do carry, aren't trying to fool anyone. Green Left's ads are there to tell our readers that some political event (a conference,
By John Percy On October 30, 1920, the Communist Party of Australia was founded at a meeting in Sydney attended by 26 men and women. They represented the most radical of the small socialist groups, militant trade union activists and officials
By Rachel Evans MELBOURNE — Some male members of Deakin University, Warrnambool campus, are campaigning for the inclusion of a new "men's officer" position in the university's constitution. Feminist groups, many students and Men Against Sexual
By Jolyon Campbell MELBOURNE — As Green Left goes to press it appears construction workers have been successful in their bid for a 15% cross-industry pay rise, with 12 national building companies and 118 smaller employers signed up to grant
By April Bragg and David Mizon MELBOURNE — On September 21 and 22, a community picket was set up in the Braybrook public housing estate to stop the eviction of a Somali family. The Farah family of five children, their mother and her
Chiapas: the end of 'the end of history' Australian MIKE LEACH visited Mexico and Chiapas earlier this year. He reports on the ongoing struggle. A crowd of 500 Mexican protesters faces the federal army in the remote tropical jungle of southern
By Bronwen Beechey Over the next two weeks Sydney and Melbourne will host the White Gloves National Film Festival, the only silent black and white shoot-to-show film festival in the world. First held in 1989 to mark the centenary of the
By Lisa Macdonald Two months ago, Australian Democrats Senator John Coulter presented a bill to prohibit "the exportation of uranium-bearing ore or uranium ore concentrates, the immediate or final destination of which is, or is intended to be,
By Jennifer Thompson In the last few weeks Greenpeace has been under fire from several fronts. While the French military and government have led the charge with attacks on Greenpeace ships in the vicinity of Moruroa atoll, the establishment
Write on: letters to the editorArrighi On reading Jonathan Strauss' stimulating review of Giovanni Arrighi's latest book, The Long Twentieth Century (GLW #203), the question that springs to mind is: who are Arrighi's main influences? Certainly,


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