SYDNEY — Now in its third year, the NSW Writers' Centre Spring Writing Literary Festival on September 16-17 is shaping up to be an exciting combination of innovative programming, professional organising and imaginative use of the heritage venue.
Stop press "I ceased being a democratic socialist long ago." — His Excellency the Governor General Bill Hayden, in a speech to the Stock Exchange. Careless driving "While we may wish to applaud this effort [to achieve "sustained economic
The militant response by the people of Papeete to the French government's first nuclear detonation in its current round of tests has forcefully refocussed attention on the key role that the Tahitian people, led by that country's independence
Based on highly reliable international contacts, leaked documents and horoscopes from several TV magazines, Nostradamus' Media Watch presents a highly accurate forecast of political events across the globe. Disney admits subliminal sex messages
By Tim Gooden CANBERRA — The ACT government offered voluntary redundancies to workers in the Health Department, with bonuses for early exits, on September 7, in the wake of a consultancy report that recommends trading 300 jobs for $48 million
By Matthew Abud So far, the reactions to the Demidenko-Darville hoax have been polarised: those who don't know what they're arguing for, becoming tangled in all their own contradictions, and those who do. For its supporters, The Hand that Signed
By Jorge Jorquera Days after the bombing of the presidential house, La Moneda, on September 11, 1973, we still waited for parents and family to return. Tens of thousands of workers had remained in their factories to defend the Salvador Allende
By Bill Mason BRISBANE Queensland Premier Wayne Goss faced his greatest political humiliation when he was forced to renominate dumped speaker Jim Fouras in the face of the threat of defeat on the floor of state parliament, as the new
SYDNEY — Long-term communist activist Denis Freney died from cancer on September 2 at the age of 58. An important figure on the left, Freney joined the Labor Party at 16, the Communist Party at 18, and then the Trotskyist movement, which led him to
Men against men's violence Last week was White Ribbon Week, a worldwide campaign organised in Australia by MASA (Men Against Sexual Assault), a national network of men working to end men's violence. White Ribbon Week began in Canada in 1991 when a


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