That magic date is again approaching. The end of the financial year looms menacingly in the near distance. And with it stand Green Left's creditors, ready to pounce on the paper and demand their pound of flesh. It is perhaps ironic that a paper

The June 13 announcement by the newly elected French president Jacques Chirac that nuclear weapons testing would be resumed at Moruroa Atoll has jeopardised the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and increased the danger of a major radioactive leak from the atoll.

By Steve Rogers CANBERRA — The results of ACT and national by-elections in the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) have thrown a scare into the ruling ALP faction. In the ACT, CPSU Challenge candidate Greg Adamson easily won the assistant
Loose cannons Error-prone "It isn't that we have wicked people trying to screw up, it's that we have a system that's so error-prone that good people working hard are going to make mistakes." — John Hamre, Pentagon official, explaining how
Who's ruling who? By Dave Riley Perhaps you have wondered what separates the major political parties, one from the other. "A cigarette paper", I hear a cynic say. "Class", yells someone more hopeful. Perhaps, at the end of polling
Solomons army sent to protect logging Greenpeace has denounced the decision of the Solomon Islands government to send a unit of its Defence Force to protect the operations of a Malaysian timber company on the Russell Islands. The
Radio highlights The People's Parks — Australia's first national park, the Royal National Park on Sydney's southern outskirts, was created in 1879. Its primary purpose was as a place for recreation. The concept of national parks is under
Save Albert Park forum By Alana Kerr MELBOURNE — On June 13 a public forum organised by the Save Albert Park group was held at the South Melbourne town hall. The forum, titled "The Grand Prix: where the political parties stand", was
Action updates Book picket MELBOURNE — Around 80 East Timorese people and their supporters picketed the launch of arch-reactionary Greg Sheridan's new book, Living with Dragons. The launch, held on June 2 at the head office of the
On the box Red, Hot and Dance — A global dance party was held in 1991 to raise funds to combat the spread of AIDS. Concerts took place simultaneously in London, Paris, Tokyo and New York, with special guests C & C Music Factory, Dream
Hippie Hippie Shake: The Dreams, the Trips, the Trials, the Love-ins, the Screw-ups ... the Sixties By Richard Neville William Heinemann, 1995. 376 pp., $29.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon Capitalist society's high and mighty had every
South Africans condemn Helms-Burton Bill The following statement was issued on May 31 by the alliance of the African National Congress, South African Communist Party and South African Congress of Trade Unions. In the face of worldwide