By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — Less than six months before the date set for fresh elections to parliament, electoral blocs are being formed, and the press is forecasting the likely distribution of seats in the lower house, the State Duma.
By Lisa Macdonald SYDNEY — The new Labor government announced its forests industry reform plan for NSW on June 13. A central plank of the ALP's state election campaign in March, the plan has been cautiously welcomed by the peak environment
Socialist slams 'poverty state' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — "Why is Queensland, the state which Premier Wayne Goss and Treasurer Keith De Lacy always boast is the best managed economy in the nation, the leader in poverty?", asked Democratic
By Eva Cheng In 1993, finance minister (now treasurer) Ralph Willis publicly assured us that the federal government has "no intention whatever" of reducing its ownership of the Commonwealth Bank to less than 50.1%. The statement was made
By Chow Wei-Cheng We are witnessing most brazen bank robbery of them all. The top four banks this year alone will reap a massive $5.2 billion in profits from customers and workers. Yet they are crying poor and introducing schemes to increase the
I Dream of Peace Published by UNICEF and Harper Collins $25 Reviewed by Norman Taylor "Don't ever hurt the children. They're not guilty of anything." This is the plea of a schoolgirl who is one of a great many still suffering from the
Poem: A Black Man By Shane Riley Aboriginal i am a Black man i'm different cause my skin isn't white i'm a Black man a proud one they tried to take it away from me with no hope of success i'm a Black man with nothing to
By James Basle CANBERRA — Immediately following the election of the Liberals' Kate Carnell as chief minister of the ACT in March, she announced that a newly discovered hole in the ACT budget meant that she would not be able to keep all her
Hear them By Brandon Astor Jones haiku. An unrhymed Japanese lyric poem having a fixed 3-line, 17-syllable form [5-syllables in lines one and three, 7-syllables in line two.] — Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary. As a small poetic
By Eva Cheng In an ultimatum issued last month, the US threatened to charge a punitive tariff of 100% on 13 models of luxury Japanese cars, a move that would make these cars almost twice as expensive and strangle their sales. It will be enforced
Between June 2 and 5, East Timorese members of the resistance, including National Council for Maubere Resistance (CNRM), Fretilin, and the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT), met for discussions with East Timorese from within East Timor and Indonesia.
DUBLIN — On the eve of the Washington meeting last month between Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams and the British direct ruler in Northern Ireland, Patrick Mayhew, Green Left Weekly's ROBYNNE MURPHY spoke to An Phoblacht editor MICHEAL MacDONNCHA about