Canto General: Song of the people Brisbane City Hall Auditorium, May 31 Directed by Mark Dunbar Presented by BEMAC and Brisbane Biennial International Music Festival Reviewed by Lynda Hansen Canto General was presented to 1500 people
Save Albert Park forum By Alana Kerr MELBOURNE — On June 13 a public forum organised by the Save Albert Park group was held at the South Melbourne town hall. The forum, titled "The Grand Prix: where the political parties stand", was
By Trish Corcoran Young people around Australia are discussing the state of world politics in preparation for the 24th national conference of Resistance. The conference will be held in Melbourne, July 8-10. The discussion is wide-ranging:
By Eva Cheng In 1993, finance minister (now treasurer) Ralph Willis publicly assured us that the federal government has "no intention whatever" of reducing its ownership of the Commonwealth Bank to less than 50.1%. The statement was made
South Africans condemn Helms-Burton Bill The following statement was issued on May 31 by the alliance of the African National Congress, South African Communist Party and South African Congress of Trade Unions. In the face of worldwide
By Chow Wei-Cheng We are witnessing most brazen bank robbery of them all. The top four banks this year alone will reap a massive $5.2 billion in profits from customers and workers. Yet they are crying poor and introducing schemes to increase the
Hear them By Brandon Astor Jones haiku. An unrhymed Japanese lyric poem having a fixed 3-line, 17-syllable form [5-syllables in lines one and three, 7-syllables in line two.] — Webster's II New Riverside Dictionary. As a small poetic
By Jennifer Thompson In 1990, Professors Hochstein and O'Sullivan, two New Zealand scientists, experts in geothermal fluid mechanics, presented the results of their four-year "reservoir model" computer study to the conference of the New Zealand
By Eva Cheng In an ultimatum issued last month, the US threatened to charge a punitive tariff of 100% on 13 models of luxury Japanese cars, a move that would make these cars almost twice as expensive and strangle their sales. It will be enforced
Carr makes early start on austerity By Chris Spindler The June 8 NSW economic statement heads NSW down the path taken by most other state governments. Whether Labor or Liberal, state governments are restructuring economies to suit the needs
By Freya Pinney WOLLONGONG — The appointment of Call to Australia (CTA) leader Fred Nile to the University of Wollongong Council has created outrage here. On June 6, 1000 students attended a meeting to debate the issue; three days later 200
By Shane Bentley NEWCASTLE — This city and steel production go hand in hand. For more than eight decades, BHP has been a major employer and has profoundly influenced the culture of the city. In 1912, in contravention of its party
Death penalty abolished By Norm Dixon A ruling by South Africa's Constitutional Court that capital punishment is no longer lawful has been met with celebration by death row prisoners, praise from human rights groups and outrage by
By Steve Rogers CANBERRA — The results of ACT and national by-elections in the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) have thrown a scare into the ruling ALP faction. In the ACT, CPSU Challenge candidate Greg Adamson easily won the assistant
By Jo Brown MELBOURNE — The annual Network of Women Students in Australia (NOWSA) conference will be held at Melbourne University July 3-7. The conference, which has attracted up to 500 women in recent years, promises to be an exciting
Shortly after the newly elected conservative president Jacques Chirac announced that nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific would be resumed on June 13, the French Green Party issued a statement, reprinted below, condemning the decision. The


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