Who's ruling who? By Dave Riley Perhaps you have wondered what separates the major political parties, one from the other. "A cigarette paper", I hear a cynic say. "Class", yells someone more hopeful. Perhaps, at the end of polling
By Karl Miller MELBOURNE — The Victorian Liberal government is on a privatisation binge. Its privatisation plans and accomplishments include: electricity generation, electricity transmission/distribution, water distribution, gas
Solomons army sent to protect logging Greenpeace has denounced the decision of the Solomon Islands government to send a unit of its Defence Force to protect the operations of a Malaysian timber company on the Russell Islands. The
Action updates Book picket MELBOURNE — Around 80 East Timorese people and their supporters picketed the launch of arch-reactionary Greg Sheridan's new book, Living with Dragons. The launch, held on June 2 at the head office of the
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — Less than six months before the date set for fresh elections to parliament, electoral blocs are being formed, and the press is forecasting the likely distribution of seats in the lower house, the State Duma.
On the box Red, Hot and Dance — A global dance party was held in 1991 to raise funds to combat the spread of AIDS. Concerts took place simultaneously in London, Paris, Tokyo and New York, with special guests C & C Music Factory, Dream
Antiwar fighter seeks to return to US By Deirdre Graham A self-exiled man, who claims he destroyed draft files of poor and working class kids and destroyed the computer network of Dow Chemical Corporation during the Vietnam War, is
I Dream of Peace Published by UNICEF and Harper Collins $25 Reviewed by Norman Taylor "Don't ever hurt the children. They're not guilty of anything." This is the plea of a schoolgirl who is one of a great many still suffering from the
By Deva Darshi The Friends of the Forest Campaign arose from the 1994 decision to use non-violent direct action to try to halt the rapid destruction of our old-growth forests in the south-west of Western Australia. Concern for the way in
Why have a head of state? There's been a lot of public debate about whether Australia's head of state under a future "republican system" should be elected or selected. While the PM wants the replacement governor general to be decided by a two
Between June 2 and 5, East Timorese members of the resistance, including National Council for Maubere Resistance (CNRM), Fretilin, and the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT), met for discussions with East Timorese from within East Timor and Indonesia.
Women's services cut back in SA By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — The content of a report compiled by Adelaide Rape Action Link Up (RALU) titled "No Desks Or Doctors" presents the results of a survey of women's health and counselling services
By Max Watts What do Kurt Waldheim, Macbeth, Hamlet's uncle the king of Denmark, and "Australian Foreign Minister" Senator Owens in Robert Cockburn's play Hotel Hibiscus have in common? All have had trouble with a ghost. The ghost of their
Tensions grow in Mt Isa By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Tensions are growing in Mt Isa once more as workers express concern over the future of enterprise bargaining at the MIM mine, scene of a major lockout in May. On June 16, Premier Wayne
Secret plans to expand Sydney airport By Janet Parker While protests by Sydney residents affected by aircraft noise and pollution continue, it has been revealed that the Federal Airports Corporation (FAC) is quietly hatching a plan for a
Braveheart Starring Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan and Catherine McCormack Produced and directed by Mel Gibson Reviewed by Barry Healy Scottish history is particularly colourful and fascinating. The wild clans of the Picts


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