Write on French nuclear tests What a quandary our mate Paul must be in, with our cane toad friends about to nuke the South Pacific just to show how much they appreciate our existence and him with all that expensive francophilia tickery
By Shane Bentley NEWCASTLE — This city and steel production go hand in hand. For more than eight decades, BHP has been a major employer and has profoundly influenced the culture of the city. In 1912, in contravention of its party
By Max Watts What do Kurt Waldheim, Macbeth, Hamlet's uncle the king of Denmark, and "Australian Foreign Minister" Senator Owens in Robert Cockburn's play Hotel Hibiscus have in common? All have had trouble with a ghost. The ghost of their
Secret plans to expand Sydney airport By Janet Parker While protests by Sydney residents affected by aircraft noise and pollution continue, it has been revealed that the Federal Airports Corporation (FAC) is quietly hatching a plan for a
News briefs Prisoners of Progress Members of non-government and solidarity organisations attended the Melbourne launch of a booklet on Indonesian workers' rights on June 6. Prisoners of Progress is a joint project of the Federation of Dutch
Death penalty abolished By Norm Dixon A ruling by South Africa's Constitutional Court that capital punishment is no longer lawful has been met with celebration by death row prisoners, praise from human rights groups and outrage by
By Jo Brown MELBOURNE — The annual Network of Women Students in Australia (NOWSA) conference will be held at Melbourne University July 3-7. The conference, which has attracted up to 500 women in recent years, promises to be an exciting
Braveheart Starring Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan and Catherine McCormack Produced and directed by Mel Gibson Reviewed by Barry Healy Scottish history is particularly colourful and fascinating. The wild clans of the Picts
Cutting schools off at the knees The recent federal budget contained a little item which was apparently regarded as so unimportant, it didn't even rate a mention in the media coverage. Funding to a gender equity program in high schools was
By Karl Miller MELBOURNE — The Victorian Liberal government is on a privatisation binge. Its privatisation plans and accomplishments include: electricity generation, electricity transmission/distribution, water distribution, gas
Shortly after the newly elected conservative president Jacques Chirac announced that nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific would be resumed on June 13, the French Green Party issued a statement, reprinted below, condemning the decision. The
The politics of 'corruption' By Tim Anderson Images of brothel owners and small time drug-dealers paying off corrupt police have created excitement at the NSW police royal commission. Some commentators have rather breathlessly suggested