Between June 2 and 5, East Timorese members of the resistance, including National Council for Maubere Resistance (CNRM), Fretilin, and the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT), met for discussions with East Timorese from within East Timor and Indonesia.
When Night is Falling Directed by Patricia Rozema Reviewed by Jen Crothers When Night Is Falling is a beautiful love story set against a background of picturesque Toronto. Camille is a Christian academic who is in love with Martin, a fellow
DUBLIN — On the eve of the Washington meeting last month between Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams and the British direct ruler in Northern Ireland, Patrick Mayhew, Green Left Weekly's ROBYNNE MURPHY spoke to An Phoblacht editor MICHEAL MacDONNCHA about
Carr makes early start on austerity By Chris Spindler The June 8 NSW economic statement heads NSW down the path taken by most other state governments. Whether Labor or Liberal, state governments are restructuring economies to suit the needs
By Freya Pinney WOLLONGONG — The appointment of Call to Australia (CTA) leader Fred Nile to the University of Wollongong Council has created outrage here. On June 6, 1000 students attended a meeting to debate the issue; three days later 200
Tensions grow in Mt Isa By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Tensions are growing in Mt Isa once more as workers express concern over the future of enterprise bargaining at the MIM mine, scene of a major lockout in May. On June 16, Premier Wayne
That magic date is again approaching. The end of the financial year looms menacingly in the near distance. And with it stand Green Left's creditors, ready to pounce on the paper and demand their pound of flesh. It is perhaps ironic that a paper
No nuclear testing! By Jennifer Thompson The June 13 announcement by the newly elected French president Jacques Chirac that nuclear weapons testing would be resumed at Moruroa Atoll has jeopardised the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
By Steve Rogers CANBERRA — The results of ACT and national by-elections in the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) have thrown a scare into the ruling ALP faction. In the ACT, CPSU Challenge candidate Greg Adamson easily won the assistant
Loose cannons Error-prone "It isn't that we have wicked people trying to screw up, it's that we have a system that's so error-prone that good people working hard are going to make mistakes." — John Hamre, Pentagon official, explaining how
Solomons army sent to protect logging Greenpeace has denounced the decision of the Solomon Islands government to send a unit of its Defence Force to protect the operations of a Malaysian timber company on the Russell Islands. The
Who's ruling who? By Dave Riley Perhaps you have wondered what separates the major political parties, one from the other. "A cigarette paper", I hear a cynic say. "Class", yells someone more hopeful. Perhaps, at the end of polling