Threat to Indonesian dissident in Australia By Max Lane On June 1 police in central Java issued the third summons for Indonesian dissident academic Dr George Aditjondro. Police authorities also stated that efforts would be made to extradite
Cuban speaks on life under the US blockade By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — Basilio Gutierrez, head of the Oceania and Asia section of ICAP (the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples), told a public meeting at the Trades and Labor
By Pip Hinman "Tougher punishment for serious and juvenile crime will not solve the problem of crime in our community", said Professor Ross Homel at the Coalition for Crime Prevention's campaign launch in Brisbane on May 18. Homel, from
Women teachers' union conference By Julia Perkins PERTH — Approximately 65 women — teachers, unionists, parents and interested individuals — attended the State School Teachers Union (SSTU) women's conference on May 27 to discuss
Straight talk or hot air? The University of New England issued new guidelines on May 23 which encourage students and staff to avoid the use, orally or in writing, of terms which are sexist, racist or offensive to people with disabilities.
By Paul Petersen Immigration has long been tied to economic expediency. In days gone by, plane loads of migrants have been diverted from their destinations to ensure that industrial centres were supplied with workers. Consequently the NSW
Across the country, Resistance activists are preparing to attend its 24th national conference. The conference is being held in Melbourne from July 8-10 and is the largest socialist youth gathering held annually in Australia. It is a focus for
Walking free By Shane Riley Sentenced to jail my freedom lost just another thing taken from the Koori generation They don't care or understand all i want is our land Long bay jail on my tribal ground i walk on her everyday
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Alexander Lukashenko was elected president of Belarus — a republic of 10 million people on Russia's western border — by a big majority last July. He ran as an independent waging a classic "anti-politician"
Victorian health workers strike By Kim Linden MELBOURNE — Two thousand members and supporters of the Health Services Union of Australia (HSUA) walked off the job on June 1 to attend a lively stop-work meeting and rally in the city centre.
By Eva Cheng During May, the Chinese government threw at least 24 dissidents into jail and detained another 41 in a wave of arrests that followed three petitions by activists and leading intellectuals. The petitions called for the release of
On the box Women's World Cup Soccer — SBS will present comprehensive coverage of the women's soccer world cup over the coming weeks: China-Australia match, Friday, June 9, 5.05pm; USA-Australia, Sunday, June 11, 12.30pm; quarter-finals,
April 30 was the 20th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War and the reunification of Vietnam. The war has been the subject of much recent media coverage, especially following Robert McNamara's attempt at rewriting history. One view of the war was
By Bronwen Beechey The 44th Melbourne International Film Festival begins on June 8, screening more than 200 films from 28 countries. The centenary of cinema will be a theme of the festival, which will begin with a restored print and newly
SA teachers protest budget cuts By Adam Hanieh ADELAIDE — Seven thousand teachers and supporters rallied on May 30 to protest against expected cuts to the state education budget. The half-day stoppage, organised by the South Australian
By Mustafa Barghuthi Nobody today questions the absolute need for a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. There is, however, a growing awareness that the current peace process fails to meet the needs of the


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