Votes For Women: The Australian Story By Kirsten Lees Allen and Unwin, 1995. $24.95(pb) Reviewed by Bernie Brian The next time Paul Keating promotes his minimalist republic with little or no change to the Constitution, we should remind him
By Eva Cheng A gas explosion in Taegu on April 28 in which 101 PEOPLE — mostly children — were killed is the latest in a long list of disasters in South Korea which are suspected to be caused by substandard construction or maintenance.
Bangladesh is often portrayed in the Western media as a place where women are victimised and subordinated by Islam. Fundamentalist outrage against writer Tasleema Nasreen has reinforced this image. But Bangladesh also has a very vibrant and strong
Fighting bigotry and prejudice Last week's decision by the Administrative Review Tribunal, which upheld a refusal to pay a spouse benefit to a gay man whose partner of 11 years had died of an AIDS-related illness, highlights the need to overturn
By Sean Healy On May 8, 1945, Marshal Georgi Zhukov, supreme commander of the Soviet armed forces; General William Tedder, Britain's air chief marshal; General Carl Spaatz, commander of the US strategic airforce; and General Jean de Lattre de
The joke's on you "How feminism can help you get laid." "Get off my back; finally the male perspective." "Things you need to know #1. Definition. Husband: What is left of the lover after the nerve has been extracted." Plus lots of photos of
Melbourne PTU fights for wage increase By Tully Bates MELBOURNE — "The way the union is fighting by going to the Industrial Relations Commission is not the way to fight." This statement by a tram driver at the Brunswick tram depot after a
A cut above many Come Taste the Beast Taurus Run (Distributed by Disculture) Reviewed by Rob Graham This self-financed four track CD is the debut album from Taurus Run, and it's a great effort. Come Taste the Beast opens strongly
By Nikki Ulasowski Following the May 3 "No Fees for Degrees" national day of action, students in Adelaide established a tent university outside the ALP headquarters. Green Left Weekly interviewed EMMA WEBB, an activist in the South Australian
In response to a bill which aims to further tighten the United States economic blockade of Cuba and undermine the sovereignty of third countries, the following message by the Department of International Relations of the Communist Party of Cuba was


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