By Max Lane

On May 13 more than 1500 people, mainly young people, rallied around Australia demanding independence for East Timor and an end to all Australian military ties with the Suharto dictatorship in Indonesia.

The National Day of

By Jorge Jorquera

The Labor National Herald: This is undoubtedly what the true believers have been waiting for. It is, sort of, what the headline on the cover of the first issue proclaims — "the first national Labor paper".

A memo from

DAVE HOLMES, a founding member of the Democratic Socialist Party, first became an activist In Melbourne during the campaign to end the Vietnam war. KARL MILLER asks him about his experiences of that campaign.

What were your first experiences of

By Michael Tardif

AUCKLAND — Students across New Zealand demonstrated against fees for tertiary education on May 3 as part of a national day of action timed to coincide with similar student actions in Australia.

The actions demanded an

Solidarity actions in Brisbane

By Jim McIlroy

BRISBANE — Support for the Mt Isa workers has continued to grow in the week since the May 12 lockout by MIM, around Queensland and nationally.

A public forum at the Resistance Centre here

By Max Lane

On May 14 the Indonesian press reported that the prison memoirs of the country's most popular and respected novelist, Pramoedya Ananta Toer, had been banned. The banning order for Silent Song of a Mute had been signed by Attorney

By Jim McIlroy

Workers at the giant Mt Isa mine are calling for unity of all unions and mineworkers in any negotiations with MIM Holdings over the future of their three-month-long dispute over wages, conditions and union coverage.

JAKARTA sources have revealed that Lt Gen Herman Mantiri, recently retired chief of the general staff, may be appointed Indonesian ambassador to Australia. Six months after the Dili massacre, he said in an interview: "We don't regret anything. What

By Dave Riley

When I left school at the end of 1966 I had two passions — theatre and politics. But they seemed contrary to one another. While I was able to indulge my dramatic bent at university, my political commitment was much more

Candidate urges support for Mt Isa

By Jim McIlroy

BRISBANE — Zanny Begg, the Democratic Socialist candidate for the seat of Brisbane Central in the upcoming state elections, has urged continuing solidarity with the Mt Isa workers.



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