[The material printed here was sent to us by the Education Action Network (EAN) in WA.]

The following is two letters which have been produced in response to the flak that activists in WA received after the militant occupation of the Perth DEET

Archaeology: Angkor Wat — Angkor is the largest religious monument — a sprawling 320 square km of temple cities surrounded by impenetrable jungle. At the mercy of looters, the lethal Khmer Rouge and the jungle, the complex most recently has been

A legal litany

July 12, 1989: Donna Maguire and Leonard Hardy arrested at Rosslare, Ireland. Charged with possession of bomb-making equipment.

July 14, 1989: Pat Murray, Donncha O'Kane and Pauline Drumm arrested in France. Charged with

By Chris Beale

Thailand's longest serving elected government — just two and a half years old — fell on the anniversary of enormous pro-democracy demonstrations three years ago, which defeated soldiers bent on a massacre.

There's no

Albert Park arrests go to court

By Felicity Whitworth

MELBOURNE — Over the past six months there have been 246 arrests at protest actions at Albert Park. One hundred and one people have been charged. Their hearings will take place on May

'Tricontinental' is back

By Leonardo Anoceto

After approximately four years without being published, as a result of Cuba's severe economic crisis, Tricontinental magazine is once again poised for circulation on a quarterly basis.

By Lisa Macdonald

Peace activists around the country have condemned the federal government's decision, announced on May 18, to collaborate with the US in the development of new ground-based anti-ballistic missile technology.


By Nikki Ulasowski

To initiate discussion about what direction the No Fees campaign should take, and to exchange information about campaign experiences, the Education Action Network in Perth has initiated a national phone link-up on June 2. Arun

Written, directed and produced by Hal Hartley
Starring Isabelle Huppert, Martin Donovan and Elina Lowensohn
Screening at the Sydney Film Festival
Reviewed by Barry Healy

Here is the strange world of Amateur: an ex-nun writing

Looking out: Change the world

By Brandon Astor Jones

"We are a feelingless people. If we could really feel, the pain would be so great that we would stop all suffering. If we could feel that one person every six seconds dies of starvation


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