Ghost of the 1964 dispute By Jim McIllroy As the MIM conflict develops, many have recalled comparisons with the great 1964-65 strike, which lasted more than six months. The Mt Isa strike of 30 years ago split the town, and almost
Sebe Valanga Khoza and Safika Larrikin Entertainment Reviewed by Norm Dixon Sebe is South African exile, now resident in Australia, Valanga Khoza's debut album. It showcases Khoza's lyrical traditional and contemporary African folk music.
Bye Bye Love Directed by Sam Weisman Starring Matthew Modine, Randy Quaid and Paul Reiser Reviewed by Barry Healy Bye Bye Love could be the Four Weddings and a Funeral of 1995 — a well-played comedy piece that mixes poignancy about
By Wendy Robertson "Suharto is a Butcher; free East Timor Now", "Free Xanana Gusmao, Indonesia Out Now" and "No Blood For Oil" were some of the chants that echoed through city streets across Australia on Saturday, May 13. Around 1500 people
By Sean Moysey WOLLONGONG — Mary-Anne Breeze (Mez), Walter Brecely and Tania Daniels are three young artists who met last year in Goulburn while completing an associate diploma; they all now study art at Wollongong University. In April
By Chow Wei Cheng The federal budget on May 9 contained very little for the 8.3% of the labour force officially classified as "unemployed". In effect, they were told to sit and wait for the economy to pick up. The problem is that the economy
By Mick Griffiths WAKEFIELD — On April 12 a historic meeting was organised as rival fans from all three local rugby league teams in the Wakefield district joined forces in what we hope will only have to be a temporary alliance. Supporters
Human rights violators and influential members of the armies of various Latin American countries have earned sizeable sums of money for passing information to the CIA. This is shaping up as a major scandal. It all began with the claim that
AIDS tree project SYDNEY — The Sydney Park AIDS Tree Planting Project will hold its next planting day on Sunday, June 25, between 10.30am and 4pm. Project organisers are inviting people to plant a tree for a loved one who has died from an
By Freya Pinney WOLLONGONG — Miscellaneous Workers Union (MWU) members led a strike at the university on May 8-10 over the hiring of non-union labour. The picket lines, which formed after a rally of 250 people, were maintained for 24 hours and
MIM attacks union, locks out miners By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — The deepening confrontation between Mt Isa mineworkers and mining giant MIM Holdings Ltd moved toward a crisis as the company locked out its entire work force on the morning
Aboriginal Autonomy: Issues and Strategies By H.C. Coombs Cambridge University Press, 1994. 251 pp., $25 (pb) Reviewed by Chris Martin Perhaps the most influential and eloquent white advocate of Aboriginal self-determination, H.C. "Nugget"
And the winner is ... It's becoming almost farcical. Members of our judiciary espouse extreme sexist comments so regularly that you would swear these people lived with their eyes and ears closed to the real world. The latest is a comment by
MELBOURNE — A public meeting held on May 2 resolved to support, in principle, the setting up of a People's Action Centre in shopfront premises in Footscray. The centre will function as a drop-in centre and coffee shop, as well as providing a range
By Lisa Macdonald "Foetal Welfare and the Law", a report released late last month, stems from an inquiry commissioned in 1993 by the Australian Medical Association. It followed several incidents in which women who were about to give birth had
World Environment Day in Hobart By Ben Courtice HOBART — The World Environment Day (WED) Committee here is planning events in early June to mark this day of action for the environment. They include a march, rally and band night on June 3,


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