Bomber Grounded, Runway Closed By Ciaron O'Reilly Rose Hill Books, $18 Reviewed by Lynda Hansen On January 1, 1991, Moana Cole, Susan Frankel, Ciaron O'Reilly and William M. Streit took hammers and disarmed a B-52 bomber and temporarily
Green It Up features Pinkenba case By Bill Mason BRISBANE — Green It Up, a weekly musical night at the Shamrock Hotel, Fortitude Valley, featured the Pinkenba case on Thursday April 6. Sponsored by Resistance, Green It Up is a regular
By Lisa Macdonald The public response to the words Democratic Socialists, which appeared on ballot papers for the first time in the NSW election last month, was a clear indication that the right-wing rhetoric about the "death of socialism" has
By Eva Cheng The Chinese government has ordered a crackdown on "chaos" in rural areas, where shrinking income, high inflation, food shortages, back-breaking taxes and rampant corruption have set public resentment bubbling. Emergency
By Dave Holmes MELBOURNE — From the opening public meeting on Thursday evening, which was addressed by Russian socialist Boris Kagarlitsky, to the final Sunday afternoon plenary discussion on the vexed question of the Labor Party, the
By Craig Cormick Based on highly reliable international contacts, leaked documents and horoscopes from several TV magazines, Nostradamus' Media Watch presents a highly accurate forecast of political events across the globe. Super League
Resistance and Aksi — Indonesia Solidarity Action have received letters from imprisoned East Timorese resistance leader Xanana Gusmao after he heard of plans for a National Day of Action for a free East Timor on May 13. Following are major excerpts
By Lisa Macdonald More than 700 people around the country turned out for the Marxist Educational Conferences, Campaigning for Democratic Socialism, held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth over the Easter weekend. Not since the early
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — At least half a million workers took to the streets of Russian cities on April 12, in some of the largest coordinated labour demonstrations in the country's history. Further millions took part in workplace protest
By Liam Mitchell The debate in the mass media around Rupert Murdoch's proposed new rugby Super League has been found wanting. The discussion is centred on a choice between a worldwide pay-TV-oriented corporate competition and the status quo —
Study links home pesticides and cancer A study recently published in the American Journal of Public Health has found elevated rates of cancer in children exposed to pesticides in their homes and gardens. The study by researchers in North
By Max Lane In the early morning of April 20, security forces raided a house in Medan, North Sumatra, arresting 13 student activists from the Students in Solidarity with Democracy in Indonesia (SMID), including its international affairs officer,
There is renewed focus on Cambodia as that country marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Khmer Rouge regime, which between 1975 and 1979 resulted in the deaths of 1-2 million of the country's 7-8 million people. Dr HELEN JARVIS is a
By Dave Wright SYDNEY — The Marxist education conference, held at Glebe High School, attracted around 250 people from across NSW. The majority of participants were young activists from a variety of campaigns and movements in Sydney, Canberra,
By Kath Gelber The subject of Helen Garner's new book, The First Stone, is ostensibly a sexual harassment case at Melbourne University's Ormond College in 1992. Two young women who alleged sexual harassment by a college master sought redress,
Public meeting on jobs and the environment By Angela Jordan ADELAIDE - The Native Forest Alliance (NFA) organised a successful public meeting of 60 community activists on April 21 to discuss the campaign against the woodchipping of


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