Editorial: Vietnam's victory April 30 is the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Saigon, the end of the Vietnam War. Twenty years ago this week, the socialist fortnightly Direct Action declared, "Saigon liberated! A victory for all humanity."
ADELAIDE — National Action were stopped in their tracks in Glenelg by about 400 angry protesters and supportive onlookers on April 22. The anti-racist protesters refused to allow National Action to march until their flag poles were confiscated, but
Pocket change: an interview By Brandon Astor Jones Would you mind telling me how long you were homeless before you came to prison? Altogether, about five months. Did you work before you fell on hard times, and if so, what did you
Election funding In the April 12 issue of Green Left Weekly, Lisa Macdonald echoed the line of the mainstream media by trying to portray the recent increase in public funding for election campaigns as some sort of money grab by Australia's
When Morning Breaks By Cassandra Fazio They say the currents are not safe I long to swing from tree to tree And still my line is answered with a cold, electrical machine I dreamt my forest sisters came to take me back We danced in
The Butterfly CD Produced and distributed by Stand Against Sexual Assault (SASA), Perth Featuring 12 contributing bands Reviewed by Kath Gelber This compilation has been put together by a group of young people in Perth who are campaigning
Women Out Loud: Beijing or Bust! — If you missed this program last Saturday, you'll be relieved to find it being repeated in the early hours of Wednesday, April 26. 35,000 women are expected to attend the UN conference on women in September.
By Frank Eckardt MOSTAR — The city is divided between East and West, Muslim and Croat. A charred boulevard of ruins slices it in two. Broad roads run parallel to the Neretva River, just a few dozen metres from the right bank. On the left bank
By Toby Borgeest JOHANNESBURG — The most serious source of tension in South Africa's national assembly is the Inkatha Freedom Party's (IFP) frequent threats to withdraw from parliamentary and constitution-drafting work — and the occasional
Business "Frankly, we are thinking of business. My position is that in a world in which people venerate hundreds of Madonnas, one more won't hurt." — The agnostic mayor of Civitavecchia in Italy, explaining his promotion of a Madonna statue which
Something missing Global Village Judy Small Larrikin Entertainment Reviewed by Lisa Macdonald This latest album from Judy Small is disappointing. A collection of 12 songs, most written by Small with music by Small in
For longer than the pyramids By Linda Marks MELBOURNE — April 26 is the ninth anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. With each passing year, the devastation caused by the explosion continues as the children exposed to the radiation, and
Nomad Nomad (Adam Plack) with Robert Mirabal and Mor Thiam Australian Music International Reviewed by Norm Dixon The term "world music" came into being in 1987, when a number of small labels specialising in African, Latin American and
By Eva Cheng Increased repression of dissident and ethnic minority movements in China has failed to silence opposition voices. A section of the Xinjiang independence movement chose bombing to make its point, while protests rocked the city of
Massacre general heads Thai army By Chris Beale General Chainarong Noonpakdi has finally made it. Earlier this month, he was promoted to army chief of staff — the crucial post from which Thailand's 17 coups since 1932 have been launched.
By Lisa Macdonald PERTH — About 120 people from a variety of progressive movements and organisations attended the conference here over the Easter weekend. The agenda, which comprised more than 30 panel, feature and workshop sessions,


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