By Anthony Brown US President Bill Clinton joined a long list of public figures when he recently attacked sole mothers for allegedly bludging off society. In his January State of the Union address, Clinton vowed to track down and penalise
Harassment by other names March 31, in case you missed it, was Secretary's Day. Yet another invention of the creative capitalist market mind which serves to guilt-trip people into buying commodities to make someone else — in this case the
Comment by Dave Riley Roger Clarke's brave attempt in the pages of Green Left Weekly to encourage us not to forsake the Labor Party has contributed nothing new to a perennial debate. Roger's gall is his attempt to sweeten the bitter pill of
The Campaign Against Sex Tourism and Trafficking in Filipino Women (CAST) is conducting an exposure/study tour to the Philippines from June 19 to July 4. The objectives of the tour are to expose the participants to the realities of the sex trade
Actively Radical TV: The Unteachables — Looks at why young people in inner Sydney are pushed out of the education system. CTS (UHF 31, Sydney), Friday, April 6, 10.30pm (repeated Saturday, April 8, 10.30pm). Movie: Mystery Train (1989) — Jim
April 30 is the 20th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War and the reunification of Vietnam. The war and the fight against it were important influences on world politics at the time and continue to affect attitudes and ideas today. In coming
Harold Written and directed by Steve Thomas A Flying Carpet Films production ABC TV, Sunday, April 9, 8.30pm Reviewed by Norm Dixon This intriguing documentary reveals the story of Harold Blair, one of Australia's greatest opera singers
Duty calls "Cabinet members should be more deeply involved in issues, and some of them might care to stay in Australia and do some work. It's been hard to find them in Australia this year." — Federal Labor backbencher Peter Cleeland, MP for
By Deb Sorensen Darwin — Danila Dilba Aboriginal Health Clinic, Darwin's only Aboriginal-run and controlled clinic, has been given temporary reprieve from an ongoing funding crisis. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Commission (ATSIC)
By Lisa Macdonald SYDNEY — The people of NSW gave a decisive thumbs down to "politics as usual" in the state election on March 25. The 1.5% swing away from the Liberal-National Coalition, the fact that the ALP just managed to limp over the
By Jo Brown MELBOURNE — The Marxist educational conference, "Campaigning for democratic socialism", to be held here over Easter, is shaping up as a major event on the city's left calendar. To be held at the Lincoln Institute (625 Swanston
GABRIEL TETIARAHI is the national coordinator of the French Polynesian organisation Hiti Tau, which brings together 40 non-government groups working on environmental, sovereignty and social issues. He recently visited Australia, where he provided a