By Sonny Melencio Protests are escalating across the Philippines over the hanging of Flor Contemplacion, 42, overseas worker, in Singapore on March 17. The body of Contemplacion was flown to her home town, San Pablo City, where it lay in wake
Partners in Turkey's crime The US and its NATO allies are displaying extraordinary hypocrisy in their support for Turkey's massive military incursion into southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). US officials have justified the Turkish operation as
Brisbane rally against woodchipping By Nicole Kamp BRISBANE — More than 400 people braved 30 degree temperatures on March 25 to rally in King George Square against woodchipping. The rally was organised by Resistance, HEMP, Brisbane
By Leonardo Coca Palacios There is a popular Nicaraguan song which says, "Cocibolca and Xolotlan are our two silver legends", referring to Nicaragua's two great lakes. But now Xolotlan, as the indigenous people called Lake Managua, which has
By Tim Dauth JOHANNESBURG — South African prisoners, represented by the South African Prisoners for Human Rights (SAPOHR), will embark on a national strike on April 10 unless the government responds to calls for the establishment of an Amnesty
By Anthony Benbow PERTH — "These are the worst breaches of workplace health and safety conditions that I've seen. Anywhere", said Peter Carter, an organiser with the WA Electrical and Engineering Union (AEEFEU). He was referring to Austal
The Fifth Celebration of Irish Music Sydney State Theatre, March 17 Reviewed by Gail Lord Unable to buy a ticket for this years's Celebration of Irish Music concert, I was lucky enough to be given a ticket while selling Green Left Weekly at
The Cutting Edge: The Metals — Anatomy of a union SBS, Tuesday, April 4, 8.30pm (8 Adelaide) Reviewed by Jennifer Thompson This documentary seems to represent largely the viewpoint of the AFMEU (Automotive, Food, Metal and Engineering
By Max Lane Central Jakarta police on March 16 detained without warrant several journalists at a party celebrating the end of the Muslim fasting month. The party was hosted by AJI (Alliance of Independent Journalists), which was formed in the
Goss cuts Aboriginal control By Mick White BRISBANE — Les Malezer, the former head of the Goss government's Aboriginal Affairs Department, has resigned in protest at its restructuring. On March 16, he warned that the new Office of


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