By Angela Matheson "I began slashing my wrists after two male prisons officers ordered me to urinate in a bottle while they watched. They said they were testing me for drugs, but no matter how hard I tried, my body just wouldn't do it. As
New party to contest NSW election By Dave Wright SYDNEY — More than 150 people attended the first meeting of the newly formed No Aircraft Noise (NAN) Party on January 10. The party was formed to mobilise the anti-third-runway vote at the
By Janet Parker SYDNEY — Anger at the third runway disaster continues to grow. Government promises of enforcing curfews and fining airlines which flout flight paths have proved a sham. The government package, launched with great ceremony
While the Green Left presses may have been silent over the Christmas period, that didn't stop activists from getting out and winning new supporters to the project. Between December 28 and January 1, a team of activists from Brisbane, Sydney and
Woodchipping Federal Minister for Primary Resources David Beddall has delivered his Christmas gift to Australia. He has licensed the Nation's 840 woodchip workers to further annihilate our unique forests, our biodiversity, our endangered, rare
Sydney Gaywaves appeal for support — The management of Sydney's 2SER-FM is considering reducing the Gaywaves Collective's 2.5J243>155DJ0>/.5>255D> hour weekly timeslot, moving it from its current 8-10.30pm Thursday spot to an earlier time and
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — The mood in the camp of the right-wing Russian "democrats" during the first days of December was savage. After an important round of provincial and local elections on November 29, the time had come to sum up the
By Boris Kagarlitsky If some reckless analyst had suggested a year ago that admirers of Yegor Gaidar would be joining on Pushkin Square with followers of extreme nationalist Viktor Anpilov to shout, "Put the Yeltsin gang on trial!", he or she
Age of Extremes: The Short Twentieth Century 1914-1991 By Eric Hobsbawm Michael Joseph, 1994. 627 pp., $45 (hb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon There is a new addition to Eric Hobsbawm's superb Marxist historical trilogy (Age of Revolution, Age
Preserving the history of struggle By Stephen Robson PERTH — History in South Africa had reflected the "story of 'great' white men", Gordon Metz, a member of the African National Congress' department of the arts and culture, said,


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