By Peter Montague Environmental racism is the selective exposure of racial subgroups to dangerous toxins. It happens all the time. The clearest example is lead. For at least 40 years, the children of blacks and Hispanics in the USA have
Green Left is not only a newspaper. We do not choose what we cover in the same way that the establishment press does. We do not seek to sensationalise, or to exploit subjects. For Green Left, reporting is an act of solidarity. So it is with the
By Diana Rickard DARWIN — At the beginning of November, I spent two and a half days supporting a friend in court who had sustained a wound on the back of his head while being pursued by an overzealous young policeman carrying a regulation
Better than an inquiry "Almost two years after the NFPS [National Forest Policy Statement] was signed by all States, except Tasmania, not one area of forest has been protected, but many important areas of forests have been logged." — Letter from
By Wendy Robertson The thousands-strong protests in Dili and the 29 East Timorese students occupying the US Embassy in Jakarta have again focused international attention on the plight of the East Timorese under Indonesian occupation. This
Parliament locks out MPs By Ray Smith HOBART — The speaker of state parliament, Graeme Page, will introduce legislation in the new year to protect members of parliament from their constituents. This follows an embarrassing incident
International Playhouse — The House by the River — By Barbara Sapergia. It's a custom at funerals not to say anything bad about the departed, publicly at least. But afterwards? Allison Ransome takes her chances and turns up at her own wake. A
By Stephen Robson Meeting in Melbourne on November 2 and 3, representatives of 25 Aboriginal organisations declared the federal government's funding for land acquisition inadequate. Aaron Ross, the publicity officer for the New South Wales
Journalists act against Murdoch's attack By Tully Bates ADELAIDE — Attempts by Rupert Murdoch's Advertiser newspaper to lure journalists away from their union have met a poor response: only 34 out of 200 have left the union and signed
Pacific women in struggle Daughters of the Pacific By Zohl de Ishtar Spinifex Press. $23.95 Reviewed by Samantha Lazzaro Zohl de Ishtar first became involved with the Pacific in 1971, when as a student she participated in a camp on
By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — Revelations that Queensland authorities had ignored the total failure of the state's anti-pollution laws for many years underlined the urgent need for establishment of an independent environmental authority,
Perth workers rally against safety changes By Anthony Benbow PERTH — More than 1500 workers rallied on the steps of Parliament House on November 16. The WA Trades and Labour Council organised the rally in opposition to the Court