Poem: My First Identity


Poem: My First Identity

By Mohammed A. Rahman

I am the poet for the human kind,

Who was born by the name of human being.

I might be born in the palace of Buckingham,

Might be uncivilized in the deepest jungle of Amazon

From the womb of ice mother of Eskimo,

Or in the hut of the darkest street of Dhaka

But I am a figure called human being.

The colour of my blood is very much natural

My body inside, as like as yours

And all human races look alike colourless as water.

The market rate of Clinton and Mandela are the same to me,

I am for all nations and tribes:

Hindu — Muslim — Buddhist — Jew — Christian

All are the same human being.

You will get me in the sadness of the Bosnian sister,

In the dream of the youth of Palestine,

In the burning, starving parents of Ethiopia and Somalia

And with the heart-breaking crying orphans of Rwanda,

I have nothing to be proud of Superpower,

Poisonous conspiracy

Or darkness of the religious arrogance.

I know, if I love human being

I will get my creator.

Let's treat the people with love and honour,

Not around the fight for religion,

Proudness for our nations

Or power, jealousness and exploitation.

If we do so, we could not escape from

Our Allah — God — Buddha — Bhogoban and so on.

Our pride could be mix-up and lost with dust!

If we love the human race

We will get the eternal peace in our heart

And we could make this world as a heaven.

So, I love you

And want to live in you.

Because my first identity is as human being.

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