By Anthony Brown BRISBANE — In 1990 a group of women community workers here formed the Factory Information Project. The project grew out of concerns that many women from non-English speaking backgrounds were not accessing
By Yvonne Francis CANBERRA — Jack Mundey addressed a group of conservationists at the Pensioners' Club here on October 14. The environment is the key for the radical left, he said. It is essential that all the environmental groups learn
No matter who you are By Kath Gelber Poor Terry! All he wants is for people to like him. He's one of those touchy-feely kind of blokes, you know the ones. He didn't mean any harm by it. He was just trying to make his staff feel
By Ben Butcher SYDNEY — Since mid-September the Fast for the Forest team have been sitting outside Parliament House in Macquarie Street, and for most of that time they have been fasting. They are collecting signatures on petitions
By Jennifer Thompson SYDNEY — An October 26 forum here, called by the recently formed National Women's Media Centre, heard from speakers representing a spectrum of opinion on whether banning or restricting pornography contributes to the
By Phil Anderson "Fly Buys. The all new way to earn free air travel." Seductive marketing: simply by doing everyday things like shopping, buying fuel and using your credit cards you can earn free travel. So says the new colourful brochure.
Power station flouted pollution law By Bill Mason BRISBANE — State officials permitted the government-owned Gladstone power station to pollute the area for 18 years, without effective controls, documents obtained by the
By Simon Heath Multinational logging is now creeping in to destroy the rainforests of the south-west Pacific after timber supplies elsewhere in the world are exhausted or becoming protected. A particularly horrifying example of
For the third consecutive year, on October 26 the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution demanding that the United States end its "embargo" (really a blockade) against Cuba. Only the US and Israel voted against the resolution. After
In an October 10 ceremony in front of the Haitian army headquarters, Lt Gen Raoul Cedras passed the Haitian flag and his title of commander in chief to Maj Gen Jean-Claude Duperval. Duperval is himself implicated not only in the September
Adventures in Good Music — New Wine in old Bottles — With Karl Hass. Many composers have paid tribute to times past, but in their own individual language. Today's adventure illustrates the point. ABC Classic FM, Thursday, November 3, 7.05pm.
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Did officials of Russia's Federal Counter-Intelligence Service and of the Defence Ministry organise the murder of a crime-fighting journalist? This is the suggestion — backed by a disturbing volume of