Donald Trump’s announcement that his adminstration would recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital will end decades of US policy that such recognition could come only after the status of the city is settled in negotiations.

Last month, US lawmakers held hearings to promote recognising Jerusalem and moving the embassy that only heard from members of the Israel lobby, and completely excluded Palestinians.

Writing Dangerously: Mary McCarthy and her World By Carol Brightman Harvest, 1994. 714 pp., $29.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon Mary McCarthy tends to be remembered, if at all, as the US author of a sexy novel from the
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US to phase out cancer-causing pesticides The US government will begin phasing out use of 36 pesticides that are known to cause cancer and which until now have been allowed as residues in juices, canned fruits and vegetables, cooking oil
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By Zanny Begg Eighty-six environmentalists were in court on October 27, facing charges for protesting to save Wild Cattle Creek State Forest from logging operations. The arrests were a result of a protest that involved more than
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Only two months remain until the end of the year. In that time we need to raise a further $30,000 for the Green Left Weekly fund appeal in order to make our target for 1994. You can be sure that over the next two months, a fast pace will
Thousands of women and children mobilised around Australia on October 28 to reclaim the night. Since its origins in the 1970s, this annual march has given expression to women's determination to find answers to domestic and sexual violence. This year,
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By Angela Matheson In March the Australian Law Reform Commission completed a landmark interim paper into women's access to the law; the study is to be completed this month*. In up to 600 written and oral submissions from across the