By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In Russian workplaces, the era of "social partnership" is ending. The period opening up will be one of sackings, lockouts and union-breaking, as bosses force workers to pay the costs of capitalist "reform".
Looking out: Smiles, age and wisdom By Brandon Astor Jones "Everyone has been a child. All can understand through muffled memory how childhood was. But none has been old except those who are that now." — Bert Kruger Smith
Washington announces arrangements on migration of Cubans The United States has announced a plan to grant 20,000 entry visas a year to Cubans requesting residence in the US, in compliance with the accord signed with Cuba on September 9 in
By Jennifer Thompson Following the October 19 suicide bombing of a bus in Tel Aviv by Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement), Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin made it clear the attack would be used as a pretext to move further toward his
ALP and left — 1 I empathise with George Georges' return to social democratic politics (GLW #159). Left communities outside of the ALP are disappointingly fragmented. Life on the far left is like a concert with no audience or a party
By Frank Noakes Ralph Nader, the world's best-known consumer rights advocate, visited Australia as the guest of the Australian Federation of Consumer Organisations earlier this month. The talented lawyer, who successfully pushed for the
By Ian Harrison In the six years of the Bougainville war, the Australian government has directly invested over $200 million into the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF). According to Department of Defence information, around 100
ALICE SPRINGS — Aboriginal women, friends and supporters will gather on October 27 to celebrate the survival of Aboriginal women's law and culture. The celebrations will be hosted by the Alukura Council, which has designed, planned and developed
SA teachers fight cuts By Adam Hanieh ADELAIDE — The South Australian Institute of Teachers has promised to continue industrial action over the state government's $22 million education cuts. Teachers in South
Judgmental judges Only last week in Wollongong, a judge, convicting a man of assault against his spouse, used the opportunity to pass judgment on the female victim of the violence instead. In this particular case, three years earlier the
By Chris Slee MELBOURNE — About 60 people attended the launching here on October 14 of Macedonia: Its Disputed History, by Neil Simpson. The book provides a brief overview of Macedonia's complex history, giving a background to
KATH GELBER discusses the issues raised in a controversial new book, Women as Wombs: Reproductive Technologies and the battle over Women's Freedom, by Janice G. Raymond. The book is published by Spinifex Press, at a recommended retail price of