Undertow Tool Reviewed by Neville Spencer "In the late summer of 1948, Ronald P. Vincent decided that survival had become intolerable, that absolute anguish had become less fearful than suppression. Six months earlier, his wife
A look into privatisation A glimpse of the wonders of privatisation was provided on October 17 when a report tabled in the NSW parliament by the auditor-general, Tony Harris, dredged up the scandal of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and similar
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — Despite a great deal of selfless work and a steady increase in their political authority, non-communist leftists in Russia have until now failed to establish a mass political organisation. This is
Dickens By Peter Ackroyd Mandarin, 1994. 608 pp., $16.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon Dickens was one heck of a writer. Only the rich and unfeeling do not cry with pity for the hard lot of his heroes, laugh at the pomposity
The Chatto Book of Dissent By Michael Rosen and David Widgery Chatto and Windus. 457 pp., $19.95 Reviewed by Dave Riley "Nothing is harder and takes more character than to stand in open opposition to one's time and loudly
Scientists, politicians and economists recently gathered in New Zealand for the Greenhouse 94 conference from October 10 to 14. Discussions at the conference confirmed that the heat is on: sea levels are rising, climate patterns are shifting, and the
Bridging Two Worlds: Aboriginal English and Crosscultural Understanding By Jean Harkins University of Queensland Press, 1994 Reviewed by Nina Murka This is a scholarly yet readable book. It is motivated by Jean Harkins'
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — In Russian workplaces, the era of "social partnership" is ending. The period opening up will be one of sackings, lockouts and union-breaking, as bosses force workers to pay the costs of capitalist "reform".
Looking out: Smiles, age and wisdom By Brandon Astor Jones "Everyone has been a child. All can understand through muffled memory how childhood was. But none has been old except those who are that now." — Bert Kruger Smith
By Norm Dixon MADRID — Among the thousands of activists attending the recent Alternative Forum: The Other Voices of the Planet conference here was writer Darrin Wood. Wood recently visited Chiapas, Mexico, with a team of committed film


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