Qld Labor follows Goss on 'land rights' Roberto Jorquera BRISBANE — The state ALP has modified its policy on Aboriginal land rights to conform to the "Clayton's" land right legislation recently passed by the government of Premier Wayne Goss.
By Craig Cormick An independent US medical team has found that 170,000 Iraqi children may die this year from the delayed effects of the Gulf War. A study team from Harvard University, which toured Iraq in April and May, found that malnutrition
By Tracy Sorensen The abortion drug RU486, developed in France by Dr Etienne-Emile Beaulieu and manufactured by Roussel-Uclaf, has been successfully used by thousands of French women since 1988. Evaluation of the drug for use in Australia has so
One feature of the current rural crisis in Australia is the problem of farmers' dependency on new technology with associated environmental problems. RICHARD HINDMARSH, an environmental researcher from the Science Policy Research Centre at Griffith
Active Employment Strategy Magenta Deluxe writes (No. 14) to question Peter Chiltern's assessment of the Active Employment Strategy (No.11) and defend the "spirit" behind the AES in providing training to unemployed people. Were this indeed the
Editorial: 'New World Order' in Lebanon In its 13th attack on southern Lebanon this year, Israel began three consecutive days of bombing raids on villages and Palestinian camps on June 3, leaving dozens, including civilians, dead or wounded. The
By Norm Dixon Riot police on May 31 opened fire on striking gold miners picketing the remote Porgera gold mine in PNG's Enga province. Seven miners were wounded by shotgun pellets. The potentially deadly incident was covered up by the
ACT UP protest PERTH Perth — ACT UP descended on the Federal Department of Community Services and Health on June 6 to protest about health minister Brian Howe's inaction in releasing new drugs for AIDS sufferers in Australia. About 30
Strike will continue, say miners By Norm Dixon Fiji Mine Workers Union general secretary Kanekini Navuso has vowed that the Emperor gold mine strike will continue despite the government's anti-strike decree. He told the press: "This decree is
By Susan Price and Phillipa Stanford BRISBANE — While dozens of pro-choice supporters picketed for the second time outside the state Labor Conference here last week, inside, delegates voted to put the question of abortion back on the government's
By Scott Cardamatis The second national anti-fur day on June 1 was marked by demonstrations in each capital city. In the largest anti-fur protest yet in this country, 300 people marched through the streets of Sydney. In the past 12 months, the
By Peter Boyle Employers across the country must have enjoyed the page 3 article in the May 31 Australian. '"Victory for all' at SPC says chairman", boasted the headline. A smiling shop steward and a smiling boss were pictured beneath a kicker: