By Karen Fletcher Courtroom Television Network will be launched next month on US cable TV. The brainchild (half-brainchild?) of Yale Law School graduate and legal journalist Steven Brill, the network is designed to bring "real life courtroom drama"

RONALD MOFOKENG is a worker at PG Glass in Johannesburg, a leader of the Chemical Workers Industrial Union, the treasurer of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and a member of the African National Congress and the South African

A remedy for outlawry By Doug Everingham The New World Order promised by Messrs Bush and Hawke to keep peace by international law is not new, and not enforceable law except by breaching the peace. They propose using the United Nations Charter. This

One feature of the current rural crisis in Australia is the problem of farmers' dependency on new technology with associated environmental problems. RICHARD HINDMARSH, an environmental researcher from the Science Policy Research Centre at Griffith

By Tom Jordan Although it has been largely ignored by the commercial media, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of military resisters of the US and European armies who refused to participate in the Gulf War. According to the National Campaign

Free, safe abortion Anti-abortion legislation in every state should be repealed immediately. The law currently varies from state to state, but in no part of Australia is access to abortion services adequate. For example, Victorian women must get a

Strike will continue, say miners By Norm Dixon Fiji Mine Workers Union general secretary Kanekini Navuso has vowed that the Emperor gold mine strike will continue despite the government's anti-strike decree. He told the press: "This decree is

The following letter, dated May 24, was sent by the Green Alliance of South Australia to the conveners of the proposed meeting to form a national green party. The Green Alliance (South Australia) is interested in current moves towards forming a

By Tracy Sorensen The abortion drug RU486, developed in France by Dr Etienne-Emile Beaulieu and manufactured by Roussel-Uclaf, has been successfully used by thousands of French women since 1988. Evaluation of the drug for use in Australia has so

By Tracy Sorensen SYDNEY — The Wilderness Society's Karen Jurd dismissed the federal government's World Environment Day activities as a "sham". The government was attempting to "jump on the green bandwagon and drive it off the rails".


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