By Kim Spurway "Sydney's Wife Bashers: More at Home in the West" proclaimed a front-page article in the Sydney Morning Herald on June 3. The article dealt with a report by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. In defining domestic
By Tracy Sorensen and Tom Flanagan SYDNEY — World Environment Day activities here included a "Confest" on June 2, a day of ecological radio presented by public access station 2SER and an Environmental Youth Alliance demonstration against resource
By Susan Price and Phillipa Stanford BRISBANE — While dozens of pro-choice supporters picketed for the second time outside the state Labor Conference here last week, inside, delegates voted to put the question of abortion back on the government's
Anti-uranium picket of ALP SYDNEY — NSW anti-uranium groups will picket state ALP headquarters on June 20, following reports that sections of the party plan to change its policy to expand mining at the upcoming national conference. The picket
Hollywood presents us with the life and times of Jim Morrison — or does it? BARRY HEALY looks at Oliver Stone's The Doors. This film is unashamed adoration of Jim Morrison, lead singer of the Doors. On the altar of the legendary Lizard King,
White Chrysanthemums — No longer flavour of the month em = By Willy Bach Human Rights In polystyrene As we walked In sombre file Remember Savage slaughter Tienanmen Just two years ago And no-one wants To know Broken bodies That don't
NPWS threatened SYDNEY — The National Parks and Wildlife Service in NSW is to be dismembered in new cabinet arrangements being made by the Greiner Liberal government. Greiner has proposed splitting the NPWS into a National Parks Service
By Willy Bach If you ever get to rub shoulders with the rich and privileged or those aspiring to be, you will be amazed at the way they speak about and on behalf of the rest of society. It all sounds a little callous when they speak about the
The alternative folk scene has found a new venue in Sydney: the Resistance Centre's Cultural Dissent evenings. Featuring acts like the south coast women's acoustic band the Strummettes, the Anglo-Celtic folk band Taliesin and left-wing songwriter
A remedy for outlawry By Doug Everingham The New World Order promised by Messrs Bush and Hawke to keep peace by international law is not new, and not enforceable law except by breaching the peace. They propose using the United Nations Charter. This


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