Filipino socialist group, the Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM), released the statement slightly abridged below on September 3 after the Australian government announced to it would send special forces to work with the murderous Rodrigo Duterte regime in Mindanao in the name of the “war on terror”.

The PLM demands that the Australian government withdraw the two Australian air force Orion spy planes participating in combat since June in Marawi, Mindanao, and abandon plans announced by Australian government ministers to send special forces.

SA plan to isolate 'disruptive' students

By Kristy Koglin

ADELAIDE — The Liberal state government has introduced a new disciplinary code for state schools for next year. The new code includes measures ostensibly aimed at creating a more

Masterpiece: Larry Kramer — "The idea of a judicious Larry Kramer is an oxymoron ... I would like there to be a gay Malcolm X, a gay Martin Luther King ... but until there is, Larry is the best we've got," says Christopher Bram, critic and writer.

Women, media and sport

By Danielle Woolage

The serious lack of media coverage allocated to women's sport continues to enforce the long-held belief that the sporting field is a masculine arena and that women are not as skilful nor as worthy

End support for thugs

The Australian government has announced that the Indonesian Armed Forces have been invited to participate in the next big Australian army war games, Kangaroo 95. This announcement was made in Darwin, a city where many East

By Norm Dixon

JOHANNESBURG — In the midst of the euphoria and hopes generated by this country's historic first democratic elections, few trade unionists would have believed they would again see police opening fire on strikers with rubber

The California Policy Seminar (CPS), a joint program of the University of California and the California state government, released in June "Pesticides in the Home and Community: Health Risks and Policy Alternatives", targeting the extensive use of

Bougainvilleans to go to UN

By Frank Enright

The Bougainville Interim Government's representative to the United Nations, Mike Forster, has announced that it is considering taking the Papua New Guinea government to the International Court of

By Julie Green and Anne Pavy

PERTH — Environmentalists trying to protect old growth Karri\Marri forest south west of here have been taking action against the clear-felling since July 1. This phase of the blockade will conclude on July 30 to

Christina Stead: A Biography
By Hazel Rowley
Minerva, 1994, 646 pp., $24.95 (pb)
Reviewed by Phil Shannon

Christina Stead's novels are complex and difficult; they scale and fall artistic peaks and troughs, and are marked by a striking, if


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