Filipino socialist group, the Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM), released the statement slightly abridged below on September 3 after the Australian government announced to it would send special forces to work with the murderous Rodrigo Duterte regime in Mindanao in the name of the “war on terror”.

The PLM demands that the Australian government withdraw the two Australian air force Orion spy planes participating in combat since June in Marawi, Mindanao, and abandon plans announced by Australian government ministers to send special forces.

By Allen Jennings

"With the president indicating that the military option is still there, we clearly need to be in a position to be ready, should he ask us," said Pentagon spokesperson Dennis Boxx, justifying the massive United States military

July 26 is a special day in the history of the Cuban revolution. On this day in 1953, Fidel Castro led an attack on the Moncada army barracks in Santiago de Cuba. The attack was crushed and Castro was tried and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

'Pure' science and Marxism

In Ron Guignard's reply to Doug Lorimer (GLW #150) he makes the claim that the social sciences were "soft-pseudo sciences" (what is wrong with being soft by the way). Presumably the implication is that the "hard"

Well summed up

Directed by Kevin Dowling and Geoff Burton
Starring Jack Thompson and Russell Crowe
Reviewed by Tom Flanagan

Set in inner suburban Sydney, Jeff (Russell Crowe) is a lonely young gay guy. Harry (Jack Thomson), Jeff's dad,

By Boris Kagarlitsky

MOSCOW — The election on June 23 for the newly created post of president of Belarus signalled dramatic changes in the political life of the former USSR. The ease with which anti-corruption campaigner Aleksandr Lukashenko

Report justifies military noise

By Tim E Stewart

DARWIN — Following a high profile visit by a senior department of defence official in May, a 34-page report has been released which allows deafening foreign military exercises to take place

Women push the boundaries

By Anthony Brown

BRISBANE — Fed up with the way mainstream media portray women and the fact that most women have little or no access to television and film production, a group of women have formed their own

Forestry workers exploited

By Anne Pavy and Julie Green

PERTH — As part of the logging blockade in the old growth forests south west of here, environmental activists have been talking to residents and workers in the local community. They

Getting lost

"Australia is, technically speaking, in Oceania." — Alexander Downer denying geography after Liberal polling has revealed concerns about Australia becoming "Asianised" and losing its European culture.

Gone off

"There is


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