V.I. Lenin once described revolution as a festival of the oppressed. Over the weekend of June 17-19 in Brisbane, the oppressed staged their own folk festival to celebrate the winter solstice. Festival participants responded enthusiastically to a
By Adam Bandt [This is an abridged version of a paper to be presented at the Campus Activist Forum in Sydney on July 18.] Liberal governments in Western Australia and Victoria are implementing legislation that will devastate university
TIM MARSHALL, an activist in the United States socialist organisation Solidarity, will be attending the Resistance National Conference at Sydney University July 8-10 and the Campus Activist Forum on July 16. ROBERTO JORQUERA, a Resistance national
Reality Bites Directed by Ben Stiller Written by Helen Childress Featuring Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Ben Stiller Reviewed by Peter Meredith Long time friends Lelaina and Troy (Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke) graduate from college and
Speciesism I would like to respond to an article "Becoming Human" by Dave Riley in GLW #147. The aspect that concerns me here is Riley's attempt to justify his own speciesist attitudes. Speciesism is the idea that humans are inherently superior
ADELAIDE — The Democratic Socialist Party has called for a Hiroshima Day Committee to organise an action for August 6. DSP secretary Chris Spindler told Green Left, "With the recent escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula and US war talk
New Music Australia — The 1994 Composing Women's Festival — A direct broadcast from the event will look at the concerts and play some of the music. Since the first festival in 1992, there has been a ground swell of activity by Australian
El Fatra: Man in Front of the Sand — A documentary on the deserts of Africa, which are spreading at an alarming rate, forcing nomads closer to the sea. This brings them into conflict with the local fishing people. SBS, 5am, Sunday, July 3. The
By Sue McCauley I recently had the opportunity to go to South Africa to teach a community radio station management course at the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism (IAJ) in Johannesburg. The institute is run by Alister Sparks, a
ADELAIDE — The latest figures from the Public Sector Union national election indicate that the PSU National Challenge group will pick up about 30% of the local vote. This is a resounding success given its resource and financial limitations.
Taslima Nasreen In Bangladesh, feminist Taslima Nasreen is in hiding. An Islamic fundamentalist group has declared a death sentence on her for criticising the Koran. Nasreen is a doctor and author who writes a regular column in a
Mabo Day on Thursday Island THURSDAY ISLAND — Getano Lui, chair of the Islands Coordinating Commission, and Pedro Stephens, mayor of Thursday Island, proclaimed June 3 a public holiday to commemorate the 1992 Mabo ruling. This High Court