Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has responded to the latest threats to Venezuela's sovereignty from US President Donald Trump, in which the US leader promised "swift and strong actions" if Venezuela decides to proceed with the July 30 elections for a National Constituent Assembly.

Maduro called Trump's threats "vulgar", TeleSUR English reported. He said: "The process of the constituent assembly is already in the hands of the people who will exercise their right to vote. This is my response, the constituent assembly does not belong to me.

His master's voice

"Caved in to employer pressure" and "Brereton's backflip" were the typical responses of the establishment media to the announcement that industrial relations minister Laurie Brereton would modify the unfair dismissals

By Natalie Moxham

MELBOURNE — Community groups have united once again to fight government plans to increase the traffic capacity of Alexandra Parade.

"There is strong community concern about this plan to push a six-lane freeway through

By Anne Pavy

PERTH — The West Australian Forest Alliance (WAFA) and the Wilderness Society have decided to take direct action in an attempt to block the destruction of valuable forests. A blockade has been planned, which will start with a

Fight to save Hillview hospital

By Michael Boswell

PERTH — A community group fighting to save the Hillview adolescent psychiatric hospital has walked out of discussions with the Health Department. The Friends of CAPS (Child and Adolescent

There are more than 20 cities worldwide with a population of more than 10 million. Seventy per cent of the "mega-cities" are in the Third World, but some cities in the advanced capitalist countries are undergoing their own process of

By "Peaceful Protester"

DARWIN — About 20 East Timorese and Australian protesters rallied in front of the Indonesian Consulate on May 24. Crosses with the names of those murdered were leaned against the front fence of the consulate. We stood

Masterpiece: From Shore to Shore — This documentary examines both the continuity and the changes that have affected Irish traditional music since the turn of the century. By showing the development of Irish culture in New York, it illustrates what

By Ray Fulcher

MELBOURNE — An agency bargaining deal between the Department of Social Security and the Public Sector Union will not go ahead following a decision by the PSU National Delegates Committee (NDC) to withdraw from discussions and

By Ignatius Kim

Everyone knows that when applying for a job you have to "sell yourself". Selling yourself is like selling any other product: the packaging must be appealing and the price attractive enough to make the purchaser feel that he/she


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