Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has responded to the latest threats to Venezuela's sovereignty from US President Donald Trump, in which the US leader promised "swift and strong actions" if Venezuela decides to proceed with the July 30 elections for a National Constituent Assembly.

Maduro called Trump's threats "vulgar", TeleSUR English reported. He said: "The process of the constituent assembly is already in the hands of the people who will exercise their right to vote. This is my response, the constituent assembly does not belong to me.

Meet the Taylors

By Brandon Astor Jones

On May 22, Precious enjoyed teething on my eyeglasses case; and while she has now gone back to Chicago Heights, Illinois, her scent permeates that case.

She was a full eight months old yesterday.

By Max Lane

MANILA, June 3 — For the last week a battle has raged here in the Philippines capital for the right to hold the Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor, despite systematic attempts by the Ramos government to prevent it happening and

By Jon Land

Situated 4000 metres above sea level, amongst the glaciers and tropical alpine valleys of the central highlands of West Papua, is Indonesia's biggest and most controversial mine, the Freeport-McMoran copper and gold operation at

RACHEL EVANS and RAY FULCHER visited the Philippines for three weeks in April. Here they describe, in words and pictures, life in Payatas, the largest active rubbish dump in Manila.

The infamous Smoky Mountain proved too much of an embarrassment

The following article is reprinted, slightly abridged, from the rank and file building workers' journal Back on Track.

When Juan Antonio Samaranch announced, "The winner is Sydney" on that Friday, September 24 1993, New South Wales rejoiced. And

By Andrew B. Rens

CAIRNS — Students have condemned a plan by the Queensland government to sell off rainforest hill slopes surrounding the future James Cook University campus at Smithfield, north of here.

The land, which adjoins World

The following is slightly abridged from a statement issued by the African National Congress government of the province of PWV.

World Environment Day offers the new South Africa and our province the chance to address the pollution legacy of


A film by Ron Fricke
Reviewed by Andrea Carroll

"Baraka" is an ancient Sufi word meaning a blessing or the breath/essence of life. Through a series of stunning images, the film explores the theme of the essential unity of

Accidental Death of an Anarchist
By Dario Fo
Director: Robyn Archer
Cast includes: Mick Molloy, Stephen Rae and Vince Sorrenti
Footbridge Theatre, Sydney, until June 19
Reviewed by Arun Pradhan

The twisted perspective of the comic book


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