Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has responded to the latest threats to Venezuela's sovereignty from US President Donald Trump, in which the US leader promised "swift and strong actions" if Venezuela decides to proceed with the July 30 elections for a National Constituent Assembly.

Maduro called Trump's threats "vulgar", TeleSUR English reported. He said: "The process of the constituent assembly is already in the hands of the people who will exercise their right to vote. This is my response, the constituent assembly does not belong to me.

By Lisa Macdonald Iain Aitken, in "The use-value of postmodernism" (GLW May 25), falls squarely into the trap set by postmodernism which has caught so many, often well-intentioned, leftists before him. This is the illusion that postmodernism is
CSIRO staff work in By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation division of tropical and animal production facility at Long Pocket, on 7.2 hectares of prime riverfront land, is under threat of
By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — This year's 3CR Radiothon will be held June 13-26. The station has been broadcasting for 18 years, providing a voice for many groups and interests which find it hard to gain access to the establishment media.
'Mass destruction in slow motion' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — "When the war ends and the guns are silent, the mines remain", Overseas Service Bureau state representative Jenny Davidson told a public meeting here on May 19. Dr John Ward, NSW
The family that plays together ... "There is a big misunderstanding between parents and kids. If parents just took the time to be more active with their kids in playing video games, they would understand it more and would be able to participate in
World Environment Day, June 5, was marked by marches, rallies, and festivals in Australia's major cities. Nationally more than 1000 young people, including large numbers of high school students, mobilised to highlight their concerns, both global and
Shoalwater sand mining dumped By Bill Mason BRISBANE — In what the mining industry has described as its biggest setback since the banning of mining at Coronation Hill in the Northern Territory, a federal government inquiry has recommended
Riley Inc By Dave Riley Are you concerned about social issues and corporate ethics? Are you looking for financially sound investments that are socially responsible? Then look no further. Now you can integrate your personal values with your
Campaign aims to save Victorian ambulance services By Ray Fulcher MELBOURNE — Seventy people attended a public forum here on May 29 to discuss Victoria's ambulance service and work out ways of campaigning for improvements. The forum,
By Irina Glushchenko and Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — Every spring since the Chernobyl catastrophe in April 1986, the Russian press has returned to history's worst nuclear disaster. In the first years, the articles focused on the heroism of the
Maternity allowances The federal Labor government last week mooted a proposal to pay maternity allowances through the social security system to women workers employed in the private sector. It has been described as a pro-women reform,
By David Robie Romeo Legaspi, an outspoken columnist and publisher of the Voice of Zambales, was last seen by his family on January 11, 1993. After the Filipino journalist vanished, police showed his family photographs of a charred corpse. It
Greenpeace delays missile tests At the third attempt, the British Navy test fired a Trident nuclear missile for the first time from a submarine off the Florida coast on May 26. Two earlier attempts by the submarine, HMS Vanguard, to fire the
Fudged definitions Ron Guignard, in his article "Is Marxism Scientific?" (GLW #145), seems to have fudged both his definitions of Marxism and of science. Ron's definition of science is constructed in such a way that nothing can be
Anti-Shell campaigner arrested in Nigeria Ken Saro-Wiwa, leader of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) in Nigeria, was reported on May 26 to have been charged with the murder of four Ogoni elders. A representative of the


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