Anti-union repression exposed Repression of trade unionists is increasing worldwide, with 92 killed last year, says the International Federation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) in a report published on April 28. The report says that some 2300 trade
By Jon Land The Indonesian government has clamped down on the activities of East Timor solidarity and human rights groups in response to international attention to the plight of the people there. The release of John Pilger's film Death Of A
Old and proud Is Green Left Weekly promoting ageism? Surely not — yet I notice your advert for "Cultural Dissent" describes dissenting alternative culture as "youthful". Which seems to imply that all old people are naturally too
By Catherine Gow MELBOURNE — Prison privatisation plans for Victoria are the most sweeping of any Australian state. Almost 40% of Victorian prisoners will be in a private prison if the Kennett government's plans go ahead., Victoria will also
American Music and Popular Culture — Rock 'n' Roll — A folk art born and living out its entire existence at the height of commercialism, rock 'n' roll is the first popular music idiom where the intended market is defined by age rather than race

In 1925, there was an international conference on drugs which focused particularly on opium. But it also looked at Cannabis sativa. Egypt was the chief mover in persuading other nations that Cannabis sativa should be banned.

By Norm Dixon JOHANNESBURG — When the election results were at last announced on May 6, the African National Congress had swept in with 62.7% of the national vote and 252 seats in the 400-seat national assembly. The ANC won landslide victories
ROBYN MARSHALL was one of a party of five Australian women who acted as observers of the Salvadoran elections in March at the invitation of the FMLN. Here she describes some of their experiences. We're not quite sure how we ended up in Ruben
By John Hallam Eight years after the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, the governments of Ukraine and Russia have opted to proceed with ambitious nuclear programs that they can't afford. While studies done by the International
By Dave Mizon MELBOURNE — Workers at Shell's Geelong refinery returned to work on May 5, having won the reinstatement of six colleagues. The settlement of the dispute also set in place a procedure requiring management to prove that a refinery
By Peter McAllister NIMBIN — More than 200 people attended the Beyond Prohibition conference held in conjunction with the annual Harvest Ball here on April 30. The consensus emerging from the conference was to push for a national campaign
Another beginning "It is not all that we wanted, but it is a beginning", were the words chosen by senior Palestinian negotiator Nabil Shaath to describe the signing of the accord between the Palestine Liberation Organisation and Israel on May 4