By Norm Dixon The South Korean government is reeling under the pressure a month-long wave of huge demonstrations by students and workers which have forced the resignation of the country's prime minister. Tens of thousands of riot police have
UN rejects Fiji torturer Fijian army officer Captain Sotia Ponijiase has been ordered out of Kuwait after the United Nations discovered his recent conviction for kidnap and torture. Ponijiase was appointed a member of Fiji's contingent in the
By Craig Cormick "I say that the power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man." — Thomas Malthus. In the five minutes or so it takes you to read this article, an estimated 830 new
The car taboo "Too many cars?" asked GLW #12. The "Yes" answer, however, was somewhat half-hearted, indicating a reluctance to really give up this environmental monstrosity. The hope of "greener" cars which use alternative fuels was raised. This is
BRISBANE — The second Green It Up, on May 23 at the Celtic Club, was entertained by poet Jane Knowles, musicians Ian Oliver and Alan Toovey and the band Primitive Moon. Green It Up political cabaret is organised by Resistance as a fundraiser for
A study of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident by the International Atomic Energy Agency is guilty of gross negligence and scientific incompetence, according to Friends of the Earth. The IAEA study, released May 21, concluded that the accident
On her recent visit to Australia, Nidia Diaz of the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front spoke to Green Left about the course of peace negotiations in El Salvador. What has been the outcome of the latest talks? The extreme right wing
By Max Lane A series of recent incidents indicate increasing dissatisfaction with the Suharto regime's policies among Indonesian business people and the middle class. One of the long-standing opposition groups, the Petition of 50, last week both
The Silence of the Lambs Directed by Jonathan Demme Starring Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Scott Glenn Reviewed by Dave Riley Here's something that will haunt you longer than the taste of popcorn. The story revolves around the pursuit of a
By Maurice Sibelle BRISBANE — Jeff Usher is widely regarded as this city's best jazz pianist. In jazz circles he's the cat with the cool fingers. Musicians purse their lips, hum and nod with respect. It isn't hard to see why. His first
By Kevin Healy A week in which Victoria's minister for industrial confrontation, Neil Poke — he stuffs everything up — justified the beaut new increased fees granted to lawyers and insurance company doctors who sacrifice their time to help
By Peter Boyle Whoever planted the bomb that killed Rajiv Gandhi, be, this act of terror grows out of a seedbed of violent communalism that has come to dominate Indian political life. Since independence in 1947, Indian politics have been
By Jake Jagoff The clash between logging companies and the traditional landowners of Madang Province in Papua New Guinea escalated considerably starting on May 16, when the Gogol-Naru and North Coast landowners resumed blockades of Jant's
Mates. Five champions of the Labor right talking with Fia Cumming Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1991. 344 pp, $29.95 Reviewed by Steve Painter Keating, Richardson, Carr, Brereton and McLeay, five key figures in the NSW and federal Labor Party during
By Steve Painter World population has more than doubled since 1950, and the 1990s will be humanity's most prolific decade ever as we race towards 10 or maybe 14 billion by the end of next century, depending on the success or failure of population
War crimes and humbug By Fan Yew Teng The 12 European Community states agreed last month to seek a war crimes trial of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein for attacking other states, using chemical weapons against civilians and engineering genocide


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