During the Easter long weekend, a major international political event is occurring in Sydney. The International Green Left Conference will bring together activists from around the world to discuss strategies for social change. Green Left Weekly
By Norm Dixon JOHANNESBURG — Following a week of mass protests in South African prisons, the Transitional Executive Council agreed on March 22 that all prisoners will be allowed to vote in this country's first democratic elections.
Comment by Max Lane Senator Graham Richardson, 44, is retiring from politics, probably to enter business. This is symbolic of the likely new niche that parliament will have in the career paths of those who enter the service of big business in
Cashing in on chips By Tom Kelly In its path from Australia's 130,000 farmers to 17 million consumers, our food passes through around 30 major processing companies, involving 3500 individual factories, to only four supermarket chains. This
By Pip Hinman and Karen Fredericks Penny Arcade has had her share of romantic traumas, but she has found the antidote. Once, following a particularly nasty break-up with an emotionally crippled boyfriend, she and a 21-year-old gay friend
By Kath Gelber RU486, the "abortion pill" manufactured by Roussel Uclaf, has again hit the headlines. It is to be trialled in both Sydney and Melbourne by the World Health Organisation (WHO), although Roussel has said it has no intention at this
North Korea: don't be confused "Chaos. Corruption. Civil war. He's back to lay down the law" runs the promo for Hollywood's latest extravaganza of violence, Robocop 3. It just about describes US policy on North Korea. The US-supported
By Tom Kelly Completion of the Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) has brought agricultural trade into the agreement. This will further integrate Australia's food industry into the world market. The
By Peter Montague According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, somewhere between 2 and 4 million US children have sufficient lead in their blood to diminish their IQ, reduce their physical stature, damage their hearing, decrease their
Challenge to Britain's racist immigration laws By Paul Clarke Thirty-five thousand people marched through London on March 19 to oppose racism and fascism. The demonstration, organised by the Trades Union Congress, reflected concern at the
By Sri Kristianti JAKARTA — Well-known sociologist and lecturer George Aditjondro has publicly criticised the Indonesian occupation of East Timor. Aditjondro, from the prestigious private Satya Wacana University in Java and a popular columnist
By Anthony Benbow and Anne Pavy Perth — Community opposition is growing to the WA police "Operation Sweep", which, under the pretence of defending young people "in moral danger", is harassing them on the street at night. The socialist
By Pat Brewer The Brazilian Workers Party (PT) has been tipped by many commentators to become part of a new government in the country's national elections in October. The PT is part of an electoral alliance with a variety of progressive parties,
By the Native Forest Network "The James Bay Project is the ultimate arrogance of the engineering mentality in its devastation of the North American continent", says Thomas Berry, the author of Dream of the Earth. What is at stake is the entire
Starcke: 'Historic alliance' By Nick Everett BRISBANE — One hundred and twenty people attended a March 21 meeting here organised by the Wilderness Society to protest against the proposal by the Goss government to establish a 10,000
Day of action on unemployment The radical youth organisation Resistance has initiated a petition calling for a national day of action in protest at the federal government's failure to seriously address the unemployment crisis. Following is the


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