SAM WATSON is the president of the Aboriginal Legal Service in Brisbane. He was interviewed for Green Left Weekly by SUJATHA FERNANDES. What forms of discrimination do Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders face in the Australian legal system?
Vasili Manikakis By Michael Karadjis and Kyrn Stevens Family, friends the Greek community and the entire progressive movement suffered a tragic loss on February 28 with the death of Vasili Manikakis in Athens, where he had been living
International Women's Day Last Saturday thousands of women around Australia and internationally marched to mark International Women's Day. It is a tradition which began with a strike by women garment workers in 1908 for better pay and working
Mugger sues victim Less than one month after the decision by the Clinton administration to lift its trade embargo against Vietnam, the US State Department announced on March 1 that it is seeking compensation from Cambodia and Vietnam for
By Allen Myers SYDNEY — Death of a Nation, John Pilger's new film on East Timor, was launched with showings at the Mandolin and Valhalla cinemas here on March 10. A party following the launch raised funds to support the East Timorese people's
By Martin Khor Kok Peng In mid-April, trade and commerce ministers from more than 100 countries will sign the Final Act of the Uruguay Round in a glittering ceremony at Marrakesh in Morocco. They will be putting the seal on a seven-year-long
By Frank Enright Before the damming of the Franklin River became a national issue in the early '80s, Comalco would boast that its aluminium smelter at Bell Bay in northern Tasmania consumed as much power as the city of Adelaide. Although the
The Wobblies at War: A History of the IWW and the Great War in Australia By Frank Cain Spectrum Publications, 1993. 300 pp., $19.95 (pb) Reviewed by Phil Shannon Every radical lefty's heart has a soft spot for the Wobblies (the Industrial
Bloodwood: the art of the didjeridu Alan Dargin with Michael Atherton Natural Symphonies Reviewed by Jill Hickson This is a collection of 10 of the most unusual musical pieces I have ever heard featuring the didjeridu. The title Bloodwood
By Justin Arnold SYDNEY — Deep down in the basement of the State Theatre, it was dark except for candlelight and empty except for the tables, which outnumbered the chairs by two to one. After a tedious search, I found a place to park my body.
Cooper slammed on 'dole threat' By Bill Mason BRISBANE — In a joint statement, Democratic Socialist candidates for the March 26 Brisbane City Council election Ana Kailis and Susan Price have slammed a proposal by state opposition
With South Africa's first democratic election less than two months away, solidarity with the people of South Africa is urgent. MARC NEWHOUSE and ANGIE HARTWIG, two long-time activists in the Australian anti-apartheid movement, have just completed a