By Dick Nichols SYDNEY — The most interesting aspect of the NSW election on May 25 is the answer to the question: Why are green issues, and the candidates presenting them, being denied any but the most trivial coverage in the commercial media?
By Melanie Sjoberg MELBOURNE — Striding across the railway tracks into the grime and clatter of the Jolimont Train Maintenance Depot is an unusual way to get to a theatre. This is, however, the home of the Melbourne Workers Theatre. "Theatre
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — While there's talk in sections of the Labor Party about asking governments to create jobs, Victorian Premier Joan Kirner is not remotely interested. She is preparing the state's harshest budget ever, at the expected
By Norm Dixon The May 14 sentencing of Winnie Mandela to six years' jail by a juryless court, presided over by a single white judge, is sure to add fuel to the black majority's growing anger and resentment at the South African government. Her
Breastfeeding In the soft-porn world of advertising we are subjected to every day, bare breasts are everywhere. But should a woman reveal a portion of one to feed her baby in a public place, she is likely to be confronted by embarrassment or
By Peter Boyle The Hawke government completed its wage deal with the Public Service Union and the ACTU on May 15. While it rejects the recent Industrial Relations Commission wage decision, it delivers substantially less that the aggregate outcome
A founding member of the Greens, outgoing federal Executive Committee member and member of the International Affairs Committee, JÜRGEN MAIER said the rightists will probably try to block the work of the two new left-wing party spokespeople "like
Green calls for job funds By Bernie Brian WOLLONGONG — Greens candidate for Bulli Carole Medcalfe says local unemployment, already 24%, is bound to get worse with the completion of major construction projects at Southern Copper and the BHP
By Paul Fitzgerald The sustainable development debate was embraced in government and business circles because it was seen as a way to appropriate environmental concern and incorporate it into the capitalist industrial paradigm. It serves only to
Hungary is on a course towards the re-establishment of a capitalist economy — but many questions remain unanswered. In this article, concluding their series on the overthrow of the country's Stalinist version of socialism, LASZLO ANDOR and PETER
A convicted kidnapper and torturer has been appointed as a member of the Fiji Army's seven-member United Nations observer team in Kuwait. Last October 24, Captain Sotia Ponijiasi led a team of soldiers that kidnapped and tortured one of Fiji's
Public comment Motorists leaving central city for home along busy Parramatta Road were recently greeted by a blunt but accurate description of the Hawke government's planned "resource security" legislation. The banner was hung by "Enviro-Cops",
By Norm Dixon According to Janet Hunt of the Australian Council for Overseas Aid, an increase in the foreign aid budget would create jobs for Australian teachers, doctors, dentists, engineers, technicians and others. Given the massive needs of the
BRISBANE — About 200 people attended a public meeting on May 11 addressed by Nidia Diaz, a representative of the FMLN of El Salvador. Diaz is the highest ranking FMLN representative to visit Australia. Her tour mobilised the support of the Latin
Editorial: Deliberately contributing to disaster Nine weeks after the end of the Gulf War, the Australian government has decided to send HMAS Darwin back to the region to help maintain the USA's blockade of Iraq. While bans on some foodstuffs have
By Andrew Garton Preparations are well under way for the first ever "Earth Summit" — the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), which will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from June 1 to 12, 1992. "The primary


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