By Frances Kelly SYDNEY — The NSW appeal court has reserved its decision on the case of Tim Anderson following a week-long hearing. Anderson was appealing against his conviction on three counts of murder resulting from the 1978 bombing of the
For progressive politics in the advanced capitalist world, West Germany's Green Party was one of the most important developments of the 1980s. Its failure in the December 2 federal elections to elect any candidates from the West German states, along
By Karen Fletcher Nigel Schmidt died in front of his class at Melville High school in Kempsey just before 10 a.m. on May 2. The immediate cause of death was a blast from a sawn-off shotgun he carried to school in his sports bag and turned on himself
By Steve Painter With official unemployment nudging 10% of the workforce and a lot of people suffering, Bob Hawke and his stable of head-kicking "winners" are looking more and more like candidates for the glue factory. Is this really the
Comment by Barrie Griffiths "We want to create a radical movement that seeks to change the system, not patch it up; that offers a positive, constructive vision of an alternative, rather than simply complaints to ruling elites to make some reforms
Major parties lose out in Nundah By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — Neither Labor nor the Liberals can take much encouragement from the May 18 by-election for the Queensland state seat of Nundah. Closing figures on the night indicate the seat will be
By Kevin Healy A week in which inflation fell below zero — as did the incomes of the record unemployed — proving that the economy is working. Unfortunately, with inflation and demand for petrol both down, the poor oil companies were legally
By Eve Sinton AUCKLAND — The United States is planning to test a nuclear-powered rocket in the South Pacific which, if it fails, could spread radioactivity over New Zealand. Copies of the ultra-secret Star Wars Timberwind project have been
By Bob Cummins BYRON BAY — The NSW National and Liberal parties are at each other's throats over reintroduction of chemical dyes and odours into spray formulations. Lismore-based Liberal politician Dr Brian Pezzutti has called for dyes for all
We present here brief profiles of six endorsed Green candidates in the NSW election. The other Green candidates were presented in last week's Green Left. Drummoyne Standing in Drummoyne is 41-year-old Bruce Threlfo, a prominent member of the
By David Easter Is North Korea being set up as the next "Iraq"? Korean solidarity activists have sounded a warning that Pyongyang may become the next "new world order" target. "There is a very striking pattern emerging in the statements of US
By Will Firth BERLIN — The Elbe is the third largest river in central Europe. It is also one of the most polluted. From its source in Czechoslovakia, the river flows 1165 km through the former two Germanies to enter the North Sea near Hamburg.
Democrats and greens "If a Green Party forms and then almost immediately loses its identity by merging, this could prejudice the credibility of both organisations", writes Australian Democrat Senator Janet Powell in the first issue of Forest
By Dave Riley It's a new world, I tell you, a brave new world. I know this world because I know the Labor Party like I know the back of my hand. And you know, I think the devil got into it. It's possessed. I'm waiting for Bob Hawke's head to spin
Pornography and censorship Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with Angela Matheson's disgust at the images of violence and degradation which form the basis of pornography (write on, May 15), censorship is not an effective method to deal with it.
Don't show me your green, gold, white, and blue em = By Robin Davidson Well i care about interest rates, unemployment and inflation, the effects of debt on third world nations, shootings, bombings, hangings and mass starvation, i care that


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