By Pat Brewer The internationally acclaimed Marxist economist Ernest Mandel will be speaking here in July, it was confirmed last week. Mandel will be a featured speaker at the Socialist Scholars Conference, being held in Melbourne from July 18 to
By Peter Boyle MELBOURNE — While there's talk in sections of the Labor Party about asking governments to create jobs, Victorian Premier Joan Kirner is not remotely interested. She is preparing the state's harshest budget ever, at the expected
Comment by Barrie Griffiths "We want to create a radical movement that seeks to change the system, not patch it up; that offers a positive, constructive vision of an alternative, rather than simply complaints to ruling elites to make some reforms
By Steve Painter With official unemployment nudging 10% of the workforce and a lot of people suffering, Bob Hawke and his stable of head-kicking "winners" are looking more and more like candidates for the glue factory. Is this really the
BRISBANE — "The City Heart Business Association only believes in the music of cash registers. We must not let them dictate to us what we can do in our city centre; it is the only real focal point in Brisbane", said city centre hairdresser Willy
Breastfeeding In the soft-porn world of advertising we are subjected to every day, bare breasts are everywhere. But should a woman reveal a portion of one to feed her baby in a public place, she is likely to be confronted by embarrassment or
A founding member of the Greens, outgoing federal Executive Committee member and member of the International Affairs Committee, JÜRGEN MAIER said the rightists will probably try to block the work of the two new left-wing party spokespeople "like
By Kevin Healy A week in which inflation fell below zero — as did the incomes of the record unemployed — proving that the economy is working. Unfortunately, with inflation and demand for petrol both down, the poor oil companies were legally
By Eve Sinton AUCKLAND — The United States is planning to test a nuclear-powered rocket in the South Pacific which, if it fails, could spread radioactivity over New Zealand. Copies of the ultra-secret Star Wars Timberwind project have been
In last week's issue, CHRIS HARRIS demonstrated that the proposed Tasmanian pulp mill will harm the state's economy, requiring continual subsidies in order to be "competitive". Here he looks at the question of alternatives to the planned kraft,
By Paul Fitzgerald The sustainable development debate was embraced in government and business circles because it was seen as a way to appropriate environmental concern and incorporate it into the capitalist industrial paradigm. It serves only to
A convicted kidnapper and torturer has been appointed as a member of the Fiji Army's seven-member United Nations observer team in Kuwait. Last October 24, Captain Sotia Ponijiasi led a team of soldiers that kidnapped and tortured one of Fiji's