By Max Lane

SYDNEY — Indonesian and Australian activists and trade unionists failed in their efforts to put a resolution before the ACTU Congress stating support for the newly forming independent worker organisations in Indonesia and opposing

By Karen Lee

HAVANA — If they had flown in on a magic carpet laden with gold and jewels, the 14 women and men who engaged in a 23-day hunger strike against the US blockade of Cuba and the dozens more who aided them could not have received a

By Jorge Jorquera

Several thousand students around the country demonstrated on August 10 against the federal government's latest attacks on higher education. Smaller protests have since followed in a number of cities. But most of these protests

By Craig Etcheson

Everyone seems to agree the Khmer Rouge are finished, or are they? It is well to recall that Cambodia is covered with graves of those who underestimated Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge (KR).

Nonetheless, the majority view is

US delegation to meet (almost) 'everyone'

By Jana D.K.

JAKARTA — The Indonesian armed forces (ABRI) have announced that a visiting delegation of 12 US congressional aides will be allowed to meet with East Timorese fighters during a

Tim Anderson speaks on Austudy arrests

MELBOURNE — Tim Anderson is touring Melbourne campuses to talk about the justice system and the fight for our rights and liberties.

Speaking at a socialist conference in Sydney in August, he repeated

Where are the African-American families?

Capital punishment is popular is America. It is clear that many Americans experience a demented kind of euphoric high when a prisoner has been put to death. Alas, the macabre hypocrisy of it all! We

Rethinking Camelot: JFK, the Vietnam War, and US Political Culture
By Noam Chomsky
London: Verso, 1993. 172 pp., $27.95 (pb)
Reviewed by Phil Shannon

John F. Kennedy — "the only shining star that ever crossed the political sky" as the

BRISBANE — As part of its monthly program of alternative films, the Resistance Centre here featured a special night of local independent films on August 28. The films included When the Moon Falls, a surrealist allegory on the corruption of wealth

Brisbane's Green It Up

By Lynda Hansen

BRISBANE — What do you get when you mix healthy politics, live music, poetry and Guinness? It's called Green It Up and it happens every Thursday Night at the Brisbane Celtic Club.

Green It Up is


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