Middle East peace? The decision by the Israeli government to sign an agreement with the Palestine Liberation Organisation to allow the Palestinian Arab population in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip and the West Bank town of Jericho limited
By John Queripel From the highland flings of Scotland to the dance of East Timor, from the strident sounds of protest folk to the harmonies of a cappella: they will all be there at the Newcastle and Hunter Valley Folk Festival to be held at
Sheena Campbell Sinn Fein is the major socialist party in Ireland, established in 1905 with the aim of winning independence from Britain. In 1980 the women's department of Sinn Fein was formed out of a realisation that women needed an organised
600 jobs saved in SA? By Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — In the lead-up to the South Australian budget, Premier Lyn Arnold announced that previously projected cuts of 600 jobs in the public sector would not go ahead. The content of the budget,
Rally calls for action on Brisbane River By Jim McIlroy BRISBANE — Queensland Greens convener Drew Hutton and Australian Littoral Society executive officer Di Tarte expressed some optimism about the future of the Brisbane River, following
By Stan Thompson BRISBANE — "For hundreds of years the indigenous peoples or 'orang asli' in Sarawak have lived and depended on the rainforest for food, shelter, clothing, medicine and other necessities, living in complete harmony with nature.
Inessa Armand: Revolutionary and feminist By R.C. Elwood Cambridge University Press, 1992. 304 pp. $99 hardback. Reviewed by Claudine Holt When Inessa Armand's name is mentioned, it is usually in connection with that of Vladimir Lenin —
By Tony Mazzochi [The author is secretary-treasurer of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers union in the US. This article is abridged from EcoSocialist Review, published in Chicago.] Our first concern is to protect the jobs, incomes and
Last week's ACTU Congress, held at Sydney's Darling Harbour Convention Centre, was a peculiar affair. The delegates were angrier than they had been for years, but the votes still went the way of the ACTU leaders. Dick Nichols looks at two issues
Makes sense "A new report finds that the Independent Commission Against Corruption may hamper state business opportunities by stifling the tendering process." — Bulletin, September 7. Better late than never? "What we are actually doing is
By Kirsty Sangster and Lia Kent "Before I came in to Thailand, I sat on the River Moi bank, on the borderline, very close to Thailand. In 1984, Burmese troops came and attacked Maesot ... I set out on foot looking for a safe place, and went
PSA accepts enterprise bargaining deal By Trish Corcoran ADELAIDE — A mass meeting of the South Australian Public Service Association, held on August 26, voted to accept a package proposed by the state government. The package
Cuts to ethnic broadcasting By Geoff Spencer MELBOURNE — More than 400 people attended a public meeting on August 16 organised by radio stations 3ZZZ, 3CR and 3YYR. The meeting, at Trades Hall, was called to condemn a 25% cut in federal
FMLN activist assassinated On August 19, at 1:00 a.m., Oscar Grimaldi, a member of the FPL/FMLN, was assassinated in El Salvador. Grimaldi was having a drink in the Cafe Latino in Santa Tecla, La Libertad. Two armed men in civilian clothing
Attack on political bookshop SYDNEY — Swastikas and right-wing threats were spray painted across the front if the Pathfinder Bookshop in Surry Hills on the night of August 30. Supporters of the bookshop are calling on defenders of democratic
Coode Fire Commemorated By Ray Fulcher MELBOURNE — On August 21, local residents of Melbourne's inner west joined with environment activists to release balloons carrying tags for return to the Hazardous Materials Action Group at Coode


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