By Dave Riley

In a world in which at least one quarter of humanity is malnourished it seems somewhat cruel and paradoxical that diet has become a preoccupation for the overnourished. The remedies for war, social injustice and economic anarchy

The following speech given by Cuban President Fidel Castro to the Third Ibero-American Summit held July 13-16 in Salvador, Brazil.

We are meeting at a time of world crisis and conflicts of every kind. The hopes for peace, stability and

It's rare that the International Monetary Fund does makes the front page of the New York Times. When it does, it's probably an exception that proves a rule. On May 20, the newspaper's Steven Greenhouse reported that in a "long overdue"

The worth of a girl

Women have come to expect rougher then usual handling from a sexist judiciary and legal system. The recent outrage over (in)Justice Bollen's comments on what constitutes "sufficient battering" to provoke self-defence

By Dione Green

BRISBANE — On Friday August 13, 300 high-school students attended a rally in King George Square to protest against the Queensland government's cuts to the education budget. Students from 17 high schools walked out of their

By Cipto R.

JAKARTA — On August 30, Indonesia's second biggest city, Surabaya, was brought to a halt when drivers of the huge numbers of public transport small vehicles went on strike. Indonesia's public transport system relies on various

By Catherine S. Beacham

When US naval personnel formally withdrew from their Philippine base at Subic Bay last November, they left behind far more than the unsightly neocolonial infrastructure of their postwar militarisation policies.

Fiona McCrossin and Noel Plumb

South East Forest Protection Bill

In early September the South East Forests Protection Bill will be debated in the Upper House of the NSW Parliament. It was passed by the Lower House in May. The support of

Surrealism: Revolution by Night
Art Gallery of NSW
July 30 to September 19
Reviewed by Zanny Begg

Salvador Dali's famous utterance "the only difference between myself and a madman is that I am not mad" seems, in a peculiar way, to define

By Cindy Callender

Over 360,000 pigs are raised for slaughter in Victoria each year, most under factory farming conditions. Pigs, whose intelligence is comparable to that of dogs, cannot fulfil their needs in intensive piggeries.



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