By Lisa Macdonald SYDNEY — The defence of wages, conditions and trade union rights are the themes of a number of public actions being planned around the ACTU Congress to be held in Sydney from August 30 to September 3 this year. The
Working the land they own The hidden face of land rights in NT By Alex Cooper The current public debate over the High Court's Mabo ruling has brought many racists out of the woodwork who claim that Aboriginal land rights will hold back
By Cindy Callender Over 360,000 pigs are raised for slaughter in Victoria each year, most under factory farming conditions. Pigs, whose intelligence is comparable to that of dogs, cannot fulfil their needs in intensive piggeries. Grossly
By Pip Hinman Paul Keating's H.V. Evatt lecture last April — his first detailed public statement on Labor's "republican vision" — was awash with pronouncements about "reconciliation" with Aborigines, entreaties to forge a so-called
By Paula Nassif "We're not being protected ... those who are supposed to protect people from poison, just have not done the job... By and large, they're in bed; in cahoots with those doing the polluting." This damning comment was made by
By Peter Boyle The Wik people's claim for recognition of their "native title" in the Cape York Peninsula has become the latest focus of the mining companies' hysteria over the consequences of the High Court's 1992 Mabo decision. Queensland
A meeting held here on August 2 attracted about 40 women to re-launch the Women's Liberation Organisation. The meeting flowed out of a forum held last June, which attracted 120 women, to discuss the fragmented state of the women's liberation
Bloodlines Kev Carmody Festival Records Reviewed by Ignatius Kim The journey that Kev Carmody embarked on early this year with the EP Streetbeat is continued with his third album, Bloodlines. Originally a journey through
The birth of McCarthyism Timewatch: The Un-Americans SBS Television Three-part series beginning Monday, August 23, 7.30 p.m. (7.00 in Adelaide) Reviewed by Allen Myers "Are Communists People?". It sounds like a joke today, but that
Victorian plan to scrap civil juries By Alex Cooper MELBOURNE — The Kennett government is considering plans to scrap juries in civil cases. Draft legislation has been produced by the attorney general's department and will be considered


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