Bank evicts farmer By Chris Spindler ADELAIDE — The South East Action Group staged a blockade of a fellow farmer's property on June 3 after Westpac bank foreclosed on the mortgage and moved to evict the farmer and family. The bank,
By Russell Willis MELBOURNE — Prime Minister Keating promised some major leaps forward for young Australians as a result of the National Youth Summit on July 22, 1992. The National Employment and Training Plan for young people was
ADELAIDE — Around 300 tertiary students marched on Parliament House on June 2 in a demonstration sparked by the cutting of journal subscriptions at Adelaide University's Barr Smith Library. Students from Adelaide University, Flinders University
And deaf and blind "You would have to be naive in the extreme to believe that every member of a police force is totally incorruptible." — Queensland police commissioner Jim O'Sullivan, quoted in the Bulletin. Of course not "I'm not
By Barry Sheppard Kendra Alexander, a leader of the Committees of Correspondence both nationally and in northern California, died in an accidental fire in her home in Berkeley on May 23. Because of the central and unifying role she
Learning hatred from the church Jacqui Griffin, a qualified teacher with 11 years' teaching experience, applied to the NSW Catholic Education Office (CEO) in April for classification to teach in Catholic schools. The reply from the CEO,
24-hour stoppage by media workers By Anthony Thirwall and Melanie Sjoberg ADELAIDE — Workers from three unions involved in the production of the Advertiser, Adelaide's only daily, went out on a 24-hour stoppage on June 4 in response
By Jana D.K. in Jakarta and Mitchell Hamilton in Sydney The Indonesian government is attempting to escape political pressures following the trial of Xanana by creating the false impression that the East Timorese resistance leader has changed
Ewart appeal rejected By Stella Simmering MELBOURNE — The appeal of Shannon Ewart was rejected by Judge Dyett the County Court on May 26. Ewart, arrested for writing graffiti on the South Melbourne police station, presented detailed
By Norm Dixon Charges against Bougainville human rights campaigner Rosemarie Gillespie have been dropped after the uproar following her arrest for possession of "restricted substances" — prescription drugs destined for Bougainville. The


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