24-hour stoppage by media workers

By Anthony Thirwall
and Melanie Sjoberg

ADELAIDE — Workers from three unions involved in the production of the Advertiser, Adelaide's only daily, went out on a 24-hour stoppage on June 4 in response

By Jana D.K. in Jakarta and Mitchell Hamilton in Sydney

The Indonesian government is attempting to escape political pressures following the trial of Xanana by creating the false impression that the East Timorese resistance leader has changed

Ewart appeal rejected

By Stella Simmering

MELBOURNE — The appeal of Shannon Ewart was rejected by Judge Dyett the County Court on May 26. Ewart, arrested for writing graffiti on the South Melbourne police station, presented detailed

By Norm Dixon

Charges against Bougainville human rights campaigner Rosemarie Gillespie have been dropped after the uproar following her arrest for possession of "restricted substances" — prescription drugs destined for Bougainville. The

By Sean Malloy

Islamic fundamentalism is the West's new bogy. Over the last two years the Western media have cultivated a fear of Islam, portraying devout Muslims as masked gunmen who threaten to take power in several Middle Eastern

New SACP leader elected

South African Communist Party deputy general secretary Charles Nqakula has been elected general secretary to replace the assassinated Chris Hani. Nqakula, a former journalist, was a close confidant of Hani. He said he

Right wing feared Hani would be president

By Norm Dixon

South African Communist Party general secretary Chris Hani, assassinated on April 10, was targeted because the right wing believed he was Nelson Mandela's most likely successor,

$8 wage claim floundering

By Max Lane

SYDNEY — A week after its announcement, the push
for an $8 wage claim by a group of unions from the right wing of the NSW Trades and Labour Council is already faltering.

The group had

Unemployment 'solutions'

One third of the official 1 million unemployed, or 371,000 people, are now classified as long-term unemployed. Prime Minister Paul Keating's announcement of a new committee to look at "policy options" for responding

By John Hallam

Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Movement Against Uranium Mining, the Sutherland Environment Centre, the Lucas Heights Study Group and the Sutherland Shire Council are opposed to a new nuclear reactor at Lucas Heights.


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