Tamil Refugee Council

The Tamil Refugee Council has no confidence in the Scott Morrison-led Coalition, saying his inhumane record towards refugees and asylum seekers speaks for itself.

The Government of Sri Lanka has organised events on the 4th of February to celebrate the 73rd anniversary of Sri Lanka's independence from British rule.

For Tamil speaking people on the island, this is the day one oppressor handed power over to another oppressor. For hundreds of years the Portugese, Dutch, and British oppressed all on the island. After independence, instead of solidarity however, the Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinist state decided to co-opt the ruthlessness of colonial rule - leading to countless pogroms and other heinous acts.

In May 2009, the beach of Mullivaikal was turned into a war zone as the Sri Lankan military trapped and slaughtered tens of thousands of Tamils in a genocidal offensive against the struggle for a Tamil homeland in the north and east of the country.

  • End military occupation!
  • Right to self-determination!
  • Australia, don't aid genocide!

The Murugappan family’s temporary visas are set to expire on September 22, 2021. They are currently living in limbo, with the threat of deportation hanging over them. They are not alone - with over 30,000 refugees at risk of deportation in Australia. Join us to demand permanent protection for the Murugappan family and an end to all deportations to danger.

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