Marcela Escauriaza

“The life of a trade unionist in Colombia is very difficult and complex”, visiting union leader Edgar Paez told Green Left Weekly. Paez said 4000 unionists have been murdered in Colombia in 28 years. “Last year, 47 unionists were killed, 48 the year before. Union leaders need armed guards, bulletproof cars, camera surveillance and bulletproof windows on their offices. “They lose the possibility of a normal family life.”

Five thousand farmers marched in Asuncion on March 25 to call on Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo to deliver on his election promise of land reform. The National Federation of Campesinos (FNC), an organisation that has fought for farmers' rights for more than 17 years, led the action.

A March 1 Wall Street Journal article compared the low earthquake death toll in Chile to Haiti, and cited conservative economist Milton Friedman as the saviour of the Chilean people.
Queer rights activists across Australia are gearing up for an important year of action on equal marriage rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people.
After holding power in Chile since the end of Pinochet’s military dictatorship in 1988, the social democratic coalition Concertacion lost power to the right wing Alianza coalition in the December and January elections.
Unite is the fastest growing private sector union in New Zealand. Since being formed in 2004, it has grown to 8000 members.
Many Queenslanders assume abortion is legal, since 14,000 terminations occur every year in the state.
Pro-choice activists are intensifying the campaign against Queensland’s anti-abortion laws and demanding charges laid against a young Cairns couple to be dropped.
The “people's power speaking tour” of two Venezuelan revolutionaries began with a forum in the Geelong Trades Hall on August 31.